Inspired to be your true self

The learning curve needed for me to embed podcasts in a post is steeper than I had anticipated. I hope this time, the podcast is visible at the end. Thank you for your patience as we try once more. Around the time I was retiring from leadership roles at Georgian College, I was also learning … Continue reading Inspired to be your true self

Meaningful Living: part 2

Once we begin to consider a theme or concept, like living meaningfully for example, doesn't it seem that you become aware of what actually is meaningful?  I do. Sometimes I think of meaning or purpose as a calling I feel drawn too.  But then I think of relationships and the importance of family and friends.  … Continue reading Meaningful Living: part 2

Personal Change and You

First let me tell you about the fall Retreat:  Self care, Soul Care I am delighted to share with you the opportunity to attend a small group weekend retreat close to Owen Sound in this beautiful setting.  This is an opportunity to catch your breath, reflect inwardly through some group discussions, writing exercises, walks in … Continue reading Personal Change and You

The Power of Vulnerability — Brene Brown

WOW!  I just watched her 21 minute You Tube video again and what she says is so important. I want to share it with you.  The power of this clip gets greater as time goes on.  To see it, turn on your speakers and click here. Brene is an inspiring speaker.  The content hits home.  … Continue reading The Power of Vulnerability — Brene Brown

Habits Can Change

As Charles Duhigg draws his very informative 2012 book The Power of Habit (ISBN 978-0-385-66974-0) to a conclusion he writes: "Perhaps a sleep-walking murderer can plausibly argue he wasn't aware of his habit, and so he doesn't bear responsiblity for his crime.  But almost all the other patterns that exist in most people's lives -- … Continue reading Habits Can Change