Enriching What You Do

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Article: Enriching  What You Love To Do

Do you find some days seem to nudge you just a little further, a little deeper, a little more meaningfully?  Today, I once again picked up a book I brought with me on this trip to Ecuador.  It’s called The Book On Karuna Reiki: Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World.  I first met the author, Laurelle Shanti Gaia, when I took the Karuna Reiki course that Laurel and her husband Michael taught in Sedona in 2014. As I read her words I see her image and hear her voice. She continues to be one of my teachers through her writing and CDs. Laurelle shares her gifts with warmth and total inclusiveness.

There is more to share about Laurelle. Within a year after the class I took, something totally unexpected append to Laurelle. She had a “stroke”.  Actually a bleed as an aneurysm burst. She was unconscious for three weeks. Friends, colleagues and family sent Reiki and prayers.  Her healing journey was one only Laurelle can tell and I hope she will someday share it in more depth.  However I invite you to read her words about her newer perspective about the meaning of healing. Insightful and thought provoking.  Here is the link to what she wrote.

Laurelle’s husband, Michael Baird, taught the Reiki Drumming course I took in Sedona in October 2016. He began the class with his story about how he learned to bring Reiki to Drumming. It was Laurelle who guided him to bring the two together for a stronger, more profound healing effect. Besides the healing experience of the two-day class, it also opened me to something new for me.  Inside of me a voice kept telling me to help people bring Reiki to what they already love doing–just as Michael did with Drumming.

It was a small nudge at first and I could see the value of it.  Little by little I have grown to accept the nudge and be open to how it could be possible.

I suppose you could say that this is the birthing of both the Newsletter I will send out six times a year, as well as the workshop for which I am almost ready to launch the beta test.

On that note, keep March 21 1 to 4 open to  possibly attend.  The information will be released soon.  Only ten spots.  Details will go out in the first Newsletter.  So if you haven’t subscribed yet, here is another opportunity.  Click on this link.

If you want more information about Reiki, please browse through my site.  http://marieknapp.com

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Meaningful Living: part 2

Once we begin to consider a theme or concept, like living meaningfully for example, doesn’t it seem that you become aware of what actually is meaningful?  I do.


What is our life meaning? Is there a path we are to follow? Is it narrow, or wide? Are there choices? What about the mountains and waterfalls we face?

Sometimes I think of meaning or purpose as a calling I feel drawn too.  But then I think of relationships and the importance of family and friends.  That is what I like most about Millman’s book The Four Purposes of Life . It validates several aspects of meaning..  let me outline them for you with my own observations following each:

  1. learning life’s lessons: I hear people referring to this often when they say things like “there must me something I am supposed to learn from this”.  I look back on my own life’s challenges and recognize learning that has happened.  Some people think we deliberately choose our earth situation to learn specific things.  Could be.  perhaps that is what family and friends are for.
  2. finding your career and calling: from my perspective this doesn’t go away.  Perhaps the search for it diminishes because we know more about it but the shape of it changes as life moves on.  Sometimes our career doesn’t reflect our calling.  sometimes we need help seeing the connection.  Sometimes work meets needs and hobbies are our calling.
  3. discovering your path: I personally find that sometimes this is difficult to find or notice.  It seems it is not the same as the one above but could even be the underlying piece.  But not always.  It could be that this one becomes more evident as we get closer to retirement age.  we often refer to life’s journey or path.  What do we mean by that?
  4. attending to this arising moment: Millman calls this one the integration of the three above and I am still pondering this one. However, I do feel there is a lot of overlap with the top three.  I am still reading his book in between and around a couple of others.  Perhaps I will better understand it as I read on. I catch a glimpse of it off and on and it is still not formulated into words yet.

Why am I so fascinated by meaning and purpose in life? Perhaps it is one of life’s lessons for me.  It is important.  It is important to leaders and to followers.  It is important to those who are currently fighting for their rights or for the rights of others and it is important to the people they are fighting.  It is important to the religious people and for them is connected to the practice of their religion and it is important to those who practice a form of private spirituality because they know life is bigger than just now.  I wonder if it is also important to professed atheists because without a sense of something bigger, what is their purpose?  Perhaps it is very much community focused.

If you send me your thoughts about this topic, I will not post them but hold them as sacred and confidential because they are often very personal. If I have enough material, I will try to integrate it into a summary and post that without names.  It is helpful to me to hear what others think and how they work with it.  I may respond by email.   Please respond at dallacor@rogers.com .

Knowing what is meaningful is only a starting pint.  Out of it must come action or behaviours that reflect it. How does one make changes in their lives related to what is meaningful to them?

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Fall Retreat:  Self Care —  Soul Care.  For details go to http://marieknapp.com/events/retreat-self-care-soul-care/

Meaningful Living

marie in canoeIt may be that we need time in a serene and relaxed setting to contemplate the meaning in our lives.  Or maybe not.  Actually my interest in meaning in life began early in my life and has simply grown and deepened with time.  That doesn’t mean that I have all the answers by any means.  Perhaps it has simply given me more questions to ask.

Just last week someone asked my to tell him about meaning in life.  I only had a few minutes and so summed it up quickly by suggesting he enjoy every moment and spend time with people he enjoys spending time with.  Perhaps over simplified and perhaps not.  Give it some thought.

That brief conversation did prompt me to pull my dusty thesis off the top shelf in my office.  I have started to read it again with intrigue, joy and gladness to see that I have not lost what I learned in that process.  My dissertation was a qualitative research approach where I designed a workshop and facilitative process that was aimed at helping well people enrich the meaning in their lives.  In other words they were not in the darkness of meaninglessness, but rather perhaps at a turning point and wanting to make some changes related to what was meaningful.  I guided them in their own process and them watched the changes they made, listening to their descriptions of it over six months.

It is a big book, this thesis  of mine.  I am not halfway through it yet.  Expect to read more of what I learned over the next few weeks.  The workshop I led was a two-day workshop much like the retreats I lead now.  I still use some of the exercises that I described in the thesis and will revisit them for the fall retreat, likely incorporating more into the process.  This excites me.Russet Hill House  Cottage

At the same time I am reading The Four Purposes of Life by Dan Millman.  I just know that these two pieces of writing are going to merge in my mind and help me create an even deeper retreat experience for fall and again next May.  Maybe you will consider joining me. It will be held in that beautiful space you see on the right.  If it interests you, read more about it here.

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Personal Change and You

Russet Hill House  Cottage

First let me tell you about the fall Retreat:  Self care, Soul Care

I am delighted to share with you the opportunity to attend a small group weekend retreat close to Owen Sound in this beautiful setting.  This is an opportunity to catch your breath, reflect inwardly through some group discussions, writing exercises, walks in nature and sharing.

Where:  at Russet Hill House, a modern, comfortable, country house on 100 hidden and wild acres (with  miles of trail out the back door) near Owen Sound.  For more pictures of the facility click here.  Or go to www.russethill.com   for more information about the place.  Activities:  The house sleeps ten people.  We will meet inside but also use the outdoors to learn from nature on walks and in meditation.  Bring outdoor footwear and comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather that weekend.

When:  weekend of Oct 23 (evening) to 25 (4pm), 2015

Cost:  early bird rate is $265 if you pay a $100 non-refundable deposit by July 10th.

I am open to having you pay$50 a month for 4 consecutive months following the deposit if that helps you afford this opportunity.  Please let me know in advance of your intentions and we will work it out together.

Regular cost after July 10th is $295

For more details please click here


In the mean time, I want to share with you some material from a book I am currently reading.  This book is really meaningful for personal transformation as well as organizational change.   The Four Elements of Transformation is written by Dr Janet Lapp RN PhD and is available on Amazon.

Dr Janet breaks down the process of the change process into four steps to “create radical and sustainable change”.  She is clear that each step must be approached in tis order, not necessarily completing one before the other, but at least having a foun dation in one before moving on.

Dr Jan advises us to be clear on the “cause that drives” us.  The cause is something that comes from within.  It is my experience that that sense of purpose s not something that leaves when we retire.  It may change how it looks externally but it remains at the base of the choices we make. While it may seem as though leaving work removes the opportunities to express that inner purpose, it just could be that instead you have freed yourself up to really express your inner purpose in a way that is even more true to yourself.

But even in the work world, there are ways that enhance how we feel about what we do.  We feel drawn to certain aspects of the work we do.  “trust Your inner voice”  writes Dr jan as she promtps us to live out who we are.

I am considering working through this book as a series of workshops for fall.  You may enjoy reading the book.

It seems to be in my nature to want to share information that I find has meaning for me.  Jan was a classmate of mine decades ago when we both studied Nursing at St Michael’s School of Nursing in Toronto.  She continued her studies with a PhD in Psychology and from there embarked on a later change to become an author and consultant who leads workplace transformation.  We met for tea last fall.  She is delightfully pleasant and approachable.  I can hear Jan talk as I read the book.  You too can hear her talk is you google her name and watch some of her short video clips. Most of them are geared to organizational leadership development but I ave no doubt that this material is easily transferable to personal growth.

I will be writing about the second step sometime soon.  meanwhile do some journaling to notice what ou love to do and where you believe your inner purpose lie.

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Feed Your Soul

I know talking about feeding the soul has meaning when the words to describe it do not feel adequate.  Soul nourishment is not a mind thing where you search for a goal or a strategy.

Soul nourishment is a deep sensation felt in and around the heart that feels strongly connected to a sense of awe and wonder. Sometimes it is connected with doing.  Often it is connected with a heightened awareness of something that you hear or see or feel.  It is beautiful. While it very well may result in achievement and high performance, that is not its purpose or aim.  Is it authenticity?  Perhaps.  Is it spiritual?  I am not sure.  Sometimes it feels very spiritual and sometimes it doesn’t.  It is absolutely not the same for everyone;  it is not necessarily the same today as tomorrow.

For me?  some forms of drawing, feeling strongly connected to music, being in the middle of spirited voices, writing some poetry … sometimes.  Being in nature.  Talking with the trees.

Feed your soul.  It is the foundation of who you are and needs to be tended and loved.

May I offer you some beautiful words written by Piero Ferrucci in Beauty and the Soul:

“When the beauty of the soul is seen, it is invariably considered to be the true identity of the person.  It is not an extra layer, an exterior ornament, a chance phenomenon.  This beauty, the moment it is perceived, is taken to be the real thing… And when people are seen for who they are, they feel affirmed.”

Nourish your soul so that it grows, shines brightly and lovingly identifies who you are.

Ferrucci then discusses how psychotherapy can sometimes focus on what is wrong rather than on a person’s strengths. And I add, how we often do that to ourselves, focussing on what is wrong, becoming aware of our shortcomings.  Instead let us look inwardly at our beauty, at our strengths, at what we might hold preciously within and be afraid to share but is actually more the truth of who we are.

Feed your soul!

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There are still three spots left in the April retreat. Although there are also people expressing a lot of interest so speak up fast.  Check out more details on my web site and email me if you would like to join us.

REIKI 1 Class

I still have 3 spots available for Reiki 1 in March.  Check my web site for details and to learn more about Reiki.  I would be happy to answer any questions by email.

Please feel free to share or to send this to others.

The Power of Vulnerability — Brene Brown

WOW!  I just watched her 21 minute You Tube video again and what she says is so important.

I want to share it with you.  The power of this clip gets greater as time goes on.  To see it, turn on your speakers and click here.

Brene is an inspiring speaker.  The content hits home.  I would love to read your response so please do write me about it.

When you see this video on You Tube, you will also see some of her longer videos there.  You may wish to look at them also.  So I will include Brown’s material and Dispenza’s book as my prep for the retreat.  I will not in any way be following their writing but rather I will use their concepts as underpinnings for the meditations and other exercises we do at the retreat.

If the retreat interests you, read more about it by clicking here.  Weekend of April 24-25-26.  It is filling up fast.  Let me know ASAP if you want to attend.


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Habits Can Change

As Charles Duhigg draws his very informative 2012 book The Power of Habit (ISBN 978-0-385-66974-0) to a conclusion he writes:

“Perhaps a sleep-walking murderer can plausibly argue he wasn’t aware of his habit, and so he doesn’t bear responsiblity for his crime.  But almost all the other patterns that exist in most people’s lives — how we eat and sleep and talk to our kids, how we unthinkingly spend our time, attention, and money — those are habits that we know exist.  And once you understand that habits can change, you have the freedom — and the responsibility — to remake them.  Once you understand that habits can be rebuilt, the power of habit becomes easier to grasp, and the only option left is to get to work.”

Habits are really what we have fed to our subconscious to help us live our life easier and more safely at some very early stage of our lives and we simply continue to live them over and over forever or until some major event or upheaval or great insight shoves us into needing something different.  How empowering it is to realize that we can change and make our lives different.  But never does he pretend that this process is easy!

It is September.  I love September and find it is a time when I make decisions to change some specific things in my life.  This week is the week I am tidying things up and starting to make a schedule to incorporate activity, writing and play.  What are you doing?

You also may want to  consider attending the workshop and/or retreat I am offering within the next few weeks.  Click on the links for more information.

Workshop: Managing Daily Life Challenges Sept 14th morning

Retreat: Moving Through Change weekend of Oct 20-21

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Happy September,


Making a Difference … How?

I decided to share a book I love with a client and in anticipation thought I ought to flip through it again briefly.  As I do this, I see I have so many parts underlined and starred reminding me of how strongly I connect with the author.

The book is called The Power of Kindness and the author is Piero Ferrucci.  I first read this author twenty years ago in graduate school when taking courses in Psychosynthesis.  Ferrucci studied with Assagioli.  For those who are interested, there is a video of an interview with Assagioli talking about Psychosynthesis.  You may wish to skip the 2 minute introduction of italian sculptures. http://www.psychosynthesisresources.com/assagioli_video.html

Ferrucci’s book is easily read and tells of ordinary life experiences that most could connect with.  I used this book as the basis of a retreat once and found it very powerful.  Some of you were there and may still have the book.  I suggest it as excellent reading material for reflection.

I have an idea that excites me.   I could use the book as a framework for a monthly discussion group starting in September.  It feels like something that could make a difference in people’s lives in different ways.  I am open to hearing of your interest and ideas (no commitment necessary).

To entice you further to read the book, each chapter is devoted to a topic: Honesty, Warmth, Forgiveness, Contact, Sense of Belonging, Trust, Mindfulness, Empathy, Humility, Patience, Generosity, Respect, Flexibility, Memory, Loyalty, Gratitude, Service, and Joy.  There is a strong self-care component to this book.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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