The Upper Four Chakras

Sometimes we tend to work with the chakras as though the upper ones are more important than the lower ones.  Last week I gave an overview of the three lower chakras.   We do ourselves a disfavour when we pay more attention to one area that the other. But we have a tendency to do just that. Just noticing what we are inclined to do is the first step to paying attention to all seven.

The heart is the middle or the fourth chakra. It plays a vital role in connecting the upper and lower chakras because it holds emotions. Living only in the upper chakras distances us for the real life we are meant to live and the heart helps us take our learning, both cognitive and spiritual from the upper chakras to the doing part of our lives in the lower ones. We can think about things constantly and nothing happens because it is just all in our heads. Likewise we can be spiritual, meditating and prayerful, without connecting it to the life we are intended to live through our lower chakras.

The 5th chakra is the throat chakra and it is very much a place for self-expression. Speaking our truth is important. We express ourselves through our voice, our smile and frown and through our hands in music, art, writing and more.  Of course this chakra cannot function independently. Who we are is lived through all the chakras so the throat chakra gives us the opportunity to share that outwardly. The second chakra is connected to our creativity. These two areas of our lives, related to the second and the fifth chakras, connect in our creative expression.

The sixth chakra is the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. It is related to our thinking and visioning. We spend a lot of time here in our culture. On its own, it would be simply continual thinking and visioning and little action. It is when we bring our vision to the heart level, linking it to our emotions, that we are capable of taking it to the action level.

The seventh chakra is our crown chakra which is our connection to the divine and to our higher self … to our wisdom. One of the resources I use when talking about the chakras is “The Book of Chakras” by Ambika Wauters. Some of you will be familiar with this book because I have used it as a resource for some retreats and workshops you may have attended. Wauters writes,

“The Crown Chakra is the most elevated chakra in the system. It provides the means to deepen our indelible connection with the source of our being. Whether we wish to make this connection conscious is up to us. The link is there; we must only acknowledge it to experience it. There is nothing to be done to make this connection other than recognize it.”

Metaphorically, the different chakras represent different parts of ourselves which, when integrated represent a holistic model of who we are. Because there seems to be different life stages in which these chakras mature, it could be viewed as a developmental model or even another hierarchy of needs much like that described by Maslow.

Energetically, it seems that the wholeness of who you are functions at its best when the energy is flowing in a balanced way and the chakras are all working equally well. They all need our attention. When the body is in that balanced state, it is at its best for healing.
I would love to hear comments or questions from you.

The next two or three blogs will focus specifically on the Root Chakra but also include applications, what happens when it is not functioning well or is blocked and connections with other chakras.  Please feel free to invite others to sign up to receive the blogs in their email.

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The First Three Chakras

As I shared with you before, I am about to write several blogs related to the chakras. There is value in learning more about the Chakras.  I see them as a possible framework for looking at different aspects of all that we are.   I believe that this perspective serves not only those who work with energy, and believe in the concepts of the energy field and universal energy, but also those who can approach the concept of the chakras as a metaphor, and thus a framework for learning more about ourselves in a holistic way.

I am beginning with an overview of the chakras starting with the first three.  Later I will write about each chakra individually beginning with the root chakra.  I could likely write 3 or 4 blogs on each.  They could include the different aspects of each chakra, the possible shadow side of each, and in some cases relationships with the other chakras.  I will include practical examples that will draw your attention to their effect on daily life and for self-care.

The Chakras

While many of you already know about the chakras and where they are said to be located, newcomers to the chakras may be confused, skeptical, or simply unaware of what they are about. I hope these blogs about the chakras will open all to the possibility of looking at the chakras in new ways, with an open and a mind.

According to those who write about the chakras, there are seven major chakras. The chakras serve as a filter for incoming and outgoing energy. I like to view the three lower chakras as the chakras of “doing”. They are all located below the diaphragm. The first or root chakra is located in the perineum at the base of the spine. If you are sitting right now, you are sitting on the root chakra. The second chakra is called the sacral chakra and is located near the sacrum in the pelvis — thus its name. I view the second chakra as the chakra of relationships, not just relationships with people and animals but also relationships with things like money and property and such. And the third chakra is called the solar plexus and is located over the stomach where there is a nerve plexus called the solar plexus. This chakra is very much related to our sense of who we are. Our identity and our self-esteem are a part of what this chakra is about.

Most material about the chakras begins with the root chakra perhaps because it is the root chakra that develops and matures first. Picture us as spirits in a human body. The root chakra draws up the earth energy through the feet and on through the other chakras to the heart. We are meant to be on this earth now and the root chakra brings in the life energy of the earth.  I will discuss each chakra in far more detail in a later blog, but next time you are out for a walk, just notice how your feet love the feeling of the earth. Walking outdoors is a great way to help us feel more balanced and relaxed. We use the term feeling “grounded” and in a real sense that is just how it feels.

In the summer it feels so good to sit on the ground under a tree perhaps and have a picnic lunch. We are connected to the earth. We also feel the energy of the root chakra when we are experiencing fear, especially fear for our lives. The survival instincts are evident in the root chakra. But let’s leave the specifics till later.

The three lower chakras are magnetic. The energy moves up from the earth through our physical bodies. I have only touched on the functions of the lower chakras. But even if the chakras are simply a metaphor, you may have already begun to see that there is a sense of the different parts of who we are as humans. There is so much more to discuss in that regard.

Where we will go from here

In my next blog, I will give a brief overview of the upper four chakras and the energy they draw in from source.

For now, just notice the sensations you have in your body that is not physiologically based but what many call energetic feelings. Notice where you feel hurt, anger, sexual feelings, joy, or feeling threatened. What does it feel like? Just notice where you feel defensiveness, or nervousness, or other emotions that lead to a sense somewhere in your body. Notice where you carry your stress and where you feel comfort and love and caring. Just notice.
It is likely too soon for questions but I am happy to hear any comments you may have.

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What a great response! Chakras are in!

Thanks to so many of you who took the time to send me a response.  I am delighted with your enthusiasm about the topic.  I also love the diversity of responses.

To those of you who are well versed in the chakras and yet still expressed an interest in a review, a different perspective and continuing interest in the topic, I am honoured.  I hope you will consider responding to what I write, adding your own experiences and perspectives to share what you know too.

To those of you who are relatively new to the idea, I thank you for your inspiring enthusiasm.  I think you will find it rather fascinating.  In particular I hope it will give you the opportunity to explore the topic more.  Please feel free to ask questions.  There will be others besides me who will be able to answer.

To those who are particularly interested in the metaphor of the chakras, thank you.  There is so much we don’t know yet.  Metaphors help us explore our humanness and wholeness in more depth.  Besides, I can no more show you a chakra that I can show you what a feeling or an emotion looks like.  We only know feelings by expressions and words of another.  But they are not spots in the body.  You can not touch an emotion just as you cannot touch a chakra.  However, you can subjectively feel emotions and some can also feel energy and flow.  More metaphors.  There is so much to learn.

To those particularly interested in self-care, this is great.  Learning about the chakras, even metaphorically, gives us the opportunity to be more self-aware.  It can give us a personal self assessment, giving us information for self-care.  Oh and there is so much more….

I am going to work out a regular schedule for sending out information re the Chakras.  Possibly Tuesday or Wednesday mornings.  I will know soon.  I will also send out other information re events, like Reiki classes. But those will not be as frequent.

On that note, I have three people registered for the Reiki Level 1 Thursday evening class in September.  My maximum is 6.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Enjoy the rest of August that feels like September.

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