Why Learn Reiki?

marieWhy learn Reiki if you are not interested in a Reiki practice?  Actually I find that several of my students never intended to actually set up a Reiki practice.  They may offer it to their families and friends but a Reiki Practice is entirely a different focus.

Besides being able to offer it to those you care about in your personal circles, there is also your own self care to consider.  Think about Reiki as an opportunity to find inner peace, to feel more balanced and grounded, to be better able to handle conflicts and puzzling challenges.

Since Reiki energy has no limits, the many uses of Reiki also have no limits.  Below are a few examples of ways you may find Reiki useful for yourself. In the classes for Reiki we teach the hand positions for a self treatment.  While this is useful, it is important to realize that this is only a small part of using Reiki for your own general well being of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

  1. Think of Reiki as a means to connect with the highest creative powers of the universe.  Perhaps you already do that through prayer.  Wonderful.  Reiki will simply enhance that practice.
  2. You may wish to refer to this greatest creative or higher power as God or Universal Energy or whatever is aligned with your personal spiritual philosophy.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that it is a source of pure love and strength that is available to you at all times.
  3. Knowing this, it means that when you want to “let go” of an issue, you have a place to send it to for action from a higher source.  I continue to see how this has been very helpful for people receiving Reiki.  Realizing that thinking through a problem does not bring a solution, we can easily feel stuck.  If we don’t think, what do we do?  By handing it off, we are better able to release it from our ineffective patterns of problem solving.  The answer is more apt to pop into our head or show itself in front of us. Try it.
  4. Similarly, we can remind ourselves to ask for guidance.  I have been in situations personally where I was at a loss as to what to say or do.  Asking for guidance is like letting it go because you quit trying to figure it out on your own.  The response is always what is best for all concerned.
  5. When you first awaken, you could begin the day with a simple acknowledgement of that connection, asking for guidance in whatever your day brings.  It helps you to accept life as it is. It helps you quit trying to control everything.
  6. Research is showing more and more positive effects from meditation.  Using Reiki on ourselves or on situations is a meditation.  Whatever kind of Reiki you have studied, use the symbols and process to be still.  Reiki can help you release the mind chatter.  It can be relaxing and help you find the wisdom that is who you are.  It can help you be you.

While this is a mere start of the possibilities of Reiki as a daily life practice or philosophy, I am very interested in reading some of your experiences.  What is your experience with any of the above?  What else do you find useful?  Let’s share our Reiki wisdom.

I have scheduled Holy Fire Usui Reiki 1 and 2 and Master classes (priced in Canadian dollars) in April and May. For more information please check my web site at http://marieknapp.com


Marie Knapp EdD

Holy Fire Usui and Karuna Reiki Master

Moving Right Along

Closer to Retirement:

Time begins to pass more quickly.  Busyness takes over my life at times. Have I just tried to do everything possible to be sure I get it all in while I can?  Perhaps.  I am not sure that it matters why these things suddenly come to our awareness as we age.  It just does and here I am making decisions about where I want to expend my energy and what other things I wish to enjoy as I still have a wonderful life.

Reiki is definitely a keeper.   If you read what I have written on the pages of this site, you will get at least a bit of a sense of why Reiki stays while I am choosing to reduce a number of the other things I have managed to get caught up in over the years.  Enjoyable years and I don’t regret that busyness.  It gave me much enjoyment and fulfillment.  I am grateful to have had such opportunities.

So now, with a focus on Reiki, I offer you classes as well as Reiki Sessions for your wholistic wellbeing.

Reiki Classes

Reiki 1 and 2

I have some dates coming up very soon.  I will be also setting dates for Reiki 1 and 2 in May and November of 2016.  I will run the classes as long as I have 3 paying participants.  Check back here later for dates of those classes.


Reiki 1 ….. Wednesday Nov 25th … cost is $165 and includes manual.
Reiki 2 …. Wednesday Jan 6th … cost is $155…

If you do not have the manual, please add $30

Location: 294 Park St, Georgian Bluffs. About 1 KM west of KeppelSarawak School on 24th St West, turn left on Park. Fourth house on the right.

If you have already taken Reiki 1 from someone else in person (not on line), you can show me your Certificate and you may take Reiki 2 with me. I require three paid participants to run the program. As soon as I have three, I will ask for your payment. And I will work out how you will get the manual and workbook from me. You must register in advance. I will be offering both again in May 2016.

Both classes will begin at 8:50am. You will have received a workbook and the manual in advance. You will be required to complete the workbook and bring it to class. Your work represents 2 hours of the class. We will take a lunch break. Bring your own lunch and you may wish to go out for a walk in nature at that time. The program will end at 4:00pm.

Interested? email me at marieknapp@rogers.com or call 519 371 1255.

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Classes

Yes I will be teaching the Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Course in late April 2016.
I am working with a small group of interested people now. If you are interested in possibly taking the Master Level course, please contact me. I would like to discuss the approach I take. Some people are unsure. That is fine. Let’s talk. I will be running a Prep course in January to help with your decision.  Interested? email me at marieknapp@rogers.com or call 519 371 1255.

Going Back 50 years

It has been a rainy day today.  Rainy days have some kind of quietness that moves me inward.  I love reflective moments that deepen my awareness of something even if I struggle with the words to express it all.

I passed an incredibly wonderful weekend with my classmates of 50 years ago.  Can you believe that it was fifty years ago that 89 young single women (key words there because in those days you could not be married and you could not be male in most nursing programs) walked the stage of Convocation Hall in Toronto as graduates of St Michael’s School of Nursing.  It seems impossible.  We come together as though time had not passed.  In fact it is an example of timelessness.  An example of how time is something we only make up to explain change but in reality it does not exist because we simply reconnected as though nothing had changed.

Some of us shared how the bond created back then when as young innocent young women we came together and experienced life and death in ways that we had not realized could happen before.  It was a growing up time and definitely a time of spiritual awakening that affected all of us forever.

We realized that we had become different.  Not just more grown up.  Not just more knowledgeable.  But unique in our commitment to caring and to personal growth.

Some married soon after graduation and some did not.  Some stayed close by and others moved great distances, exploring a world far greater than the city where we studied.  And this past weekend, about 54 of us gathered together again, loving each other, caring about what struggles we had all experienced and marveling at how we had come through them and continue on.  I feel so blessed.

I was a shy little girl way back in my early childhood.  The teachers always had to tell me to speak up and when we had to do our speeches I was terrible. Scared silly.  It took me a while to develop confidence.  The nursing program helped me open up.  I learned more about myself in the process.  Some people said that I was “university material” and should have gone there but for me, I needed that time at St Mikes in order to be stronger within.  I was much more able to handle University when I went there after working a year on Surgery at St Mikes.  Sometimes everything falls into place over time if you just let it.  It falls into place just as it should.

If that little shy girl from my elementary school days me the older adult that is me now, I wonder what she would have thought.  Would little Marie recognize the me that is here now?  Interesting questions.  Would the child and the older adult enjoy each others company?  I think they would.

Life is good.  I enjoy contemplating life.  I suppose that is why I so love offering retreats such as Self care — Soul Care.  It is all connected.  It is who I am.

I still have two spots left in the retreat.  Are you interested?  It will be an inspiring weekend.  You will get to spend some time with some very neat people.  Women who are probably a bit like you.  Give it some thought.  Give me a call and we can talk about it if you like.  You are unique.  Join us to share your uniqueness and strengthen who you are as you work to inspire others.  Nervous about coming alone?  Find a friend or relative to come with you.  Learn more about it here


Till next time


Sparking Your Enthusiasm

It’s Friday August 21st — the start of Summerfolk weekend here in Owen Sound.  I am invigorated within, harbouring a sense of impending purposeful fall activity that sparks my enthusiasm and brightens my soul.  Those words feel good to me and I want to share them with you.  I feel inspired and want to share that with others.

The world in my small city is bursting with community spirit.  Perhaps it is the 40th celebration of Summerfolk, you might think.  But I know it is more than that. There is a bigger story emerging here.  Not even two weeks ago, 9 fires were lit by arsonists for no apparent reason (so far known) displacing 41 people from their homes, most losing everything they owned.  These were not people with a lot of money and several had no insurance coverage.  This was not in the higher end neighbourhoods.  “Why?” everyone asks. The affected people and in fact the entire city and surroundings were left in shock, fear and confusion.  There were many heroes.  Everyone got out without injury and ten had minor smoke inhalation problems which were treated.  The culprits were seen through the video surveillance of one of the properties where they ineffectively lit a bush on fire.  They were arrested within three days.

But our community did not stop with the arrest of the three alleged arsonists.   The news of their bail hearings is almost overwhelmed by the news of continuing fundraisers and donors. I love how the positive is almost overriding the negative. The United Way has already received over $200,000 to help the fire victims reestablish homes, belongings and life following the fire.  As soon as the day following the fires, the local Canadian Mental Health Association provided the service of reestablishing each person’s ID papers.  The fire victims were forced to run from their homes with wearing only pajamas, often barefoot with no time to grab even a purse or wallet but they were safe.

The why question is still not answered. I invite you to go to this link and read what Kelly Babcock has written.  The affected people are already in temporary quarters and out of motels.  They will be in their own rented apartment in early fall. I feel proud to be part of this community. We are all learning how good it feels to be able to help others. I have a feeling that this spirit will be present at Summerfolk too.  It just will.

Summerfolk is likely to be rain-less this year.  Hooray!! Though weather predictions are increasingly imperfect with climate change, this one looks very promising.  Cool but no rain.  It will be good.

Summer busyness increases at this time.  The week before Labour Day long weekend marks “Salmon Spectacular”.  Another group of people will arrive with their boats to fill the otherwise almost empty Bay.  The night view will show hundreds of lights out on the water as dedicated fisher-people attempt to catch the prize fish.  Meanwhile on the shore a massive tent will house nightly rockin’ entertainment.

All this nudges me to start bringing my fall programs to fruition — some for my learning, and some for my sharing.  I love it.  My heart sings with this kind of activity, like it is what I am hear for — to learn and to share and sometimes they seem to occur simultaneously.  I feel inspired and I love opportunities to guide the inspiration of others.

For my own learning I will refresh my knowledge and skills related to Leadership development as I create a leadership mentoring program combining the work of Lance Secretan (www.secretan.com) and Reiki.  I will retake Lance’s coaching course through teleseminar and I will look for another Reiki class.  I have already begun offering this program on an individual basis.  I will continue to develop it using Lance’s work as well as my own research in graduate school as the foundation I will interlace it with Reiki to help people release old patterns and be open to finding their sense of self and purpose. Watch how that emerges.

The Spring retreat was very successful and so I am offering a similar retreat in October.  Retreats are one of my favourite way to guide people to their place of inner wisdom and their connection with Spirit.  I love being part of the growth and transformative process that so often occurs in retreat participants.  The participants are always just the right mix.  Yes I facilitate the process but there is also learning from each other and a wonderful supportive and safe environment to explore thoughts, dreams, patterns, and change.

In addition to the retreat, I also like to offer half day workshops:  Intentions for the New Year and Staying On Track.   For some the workshops are nudges to get back on track.  For others it is an opportunity to get at taste of my approach and perhaps at a later date becoem more involved in the growth opportunities I offer.  I am offering two different Friday morning workshops this Fall.  I will decide on a location soon.

Reiki has been a very positive element in helping me move past old patterns and blocks so I continue to offer Reiki classes.  Taking the first two levels of Reiki is an excellent opportunity to learn some valuable self care strategies.  There are underlying principles that can be applied in many situations and help you through conflict situations.  This year I am planning to also offer the Advanced Reiki Techniques and Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master course as long as I have at least two interested people.  I may also offer the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master class if there is interest.  I incorporate Reiki in all individual sessions I offer, in the workshops in a smaller way, in the retreat and in the mentoring programs.  You do not have to have taken Reiki classes to attend these.

I look forward to attending Nia classes again starting in September with Wendy Roman.  I took part in one of the days of Wendy’s Nia Retreat this past week.  Wendy is a beautiful soul in all that she does.  I invite you to check out Wendy’s web site and all that she offers.  I feel so fortunate to have such gems here in our area.

This blog has covered a lot of territory.  Take time and I hope you will refer to it again.

Till next time,


Time away from mind chatter

IMG_0616What a beautiful morning!  I love the sounds of the birds, the glow of the sun through not-so-humid air, and the greenery dappled with bursts of multi-coloured blooms all over.  Ahhh summer!

Here we are in the peak weeks of summer vacation.  We look forward to time away from the usual.  While for some that time is still filled to the brim with to-do lists, for others it is truly a time to rest from the hassles of schedules, deadlines and technology.  Enjoy!  Remember what it means to experience peace of mind.  Let the crazy mind chatter that constantly invades your active brain slow down and subside gradually.  Allow yourself to rest in the beauty of nature, the closeness of loved ones, and the enjoyed activity of your body in an unscheduled but fruitful way.  Savour the moments.  Recall what is really important for you.

Soon enough you will be planning your fall activities.  Before long you will be scheduling for yourself and the family activities for fall.  This time, let that begin with a foundation of what is truly important and meaningful for you.   Let it arise from your vacation mind-set that recognizes, after all, what you really want, perhaps even what you see as your purpose unfolding as you move through life.  It is the time away that replenishes your soul and helps you rethink your direction.  Simply allow that to happen as you free yourself from the expectations of the life that awaits you when you return. Be in the present and breathe in the blessings of life around you.  Life is wonderful.  Enjoy!

Till next time,


Oh yes, I still have space in the fall retreat Self Care–Soul Care.  Another opportunity to reflect on what is important and meaningful for you.

Retreat: Earlybird price ends Friday July 17th midnight

Russet Hill House cottageThis is just a friendly reminder that the early bird special price for the Retreat Self Care — Soul Care ends at midnight July 17th.  On the 18th the price will go up from $265 to $295.

Your spot and the rate can be held for you by registering with a $100 non-refundable deposit.  The remainder will be due in September. I am delighted that I already have 3 confirmed participants. They are all wonderful open and caring women so I already know that the retreat will be very warm and uplifting for you.  The absolute Max for this retreat is 10 including me.  It will be a small group building a caring and accepting relationship and holding each other in your specialness as you heighten you awareness of your self care and soul care needs.

Are you interested? Perhaps the necessary commitment holds you back at this time.  Not a problem.  As long as there are spaces left, you can register much closer to the event.  It is the deposit which guarantees that spot for you in case the retreat fills.

Please email me at dallacor@rogers.com or phone me at 519-371-1255 if you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Till next time,


Meaningful Living

marie in canoeIt may be that we need time in a serene and relaxed setting to contemplate the meaning in our lives.  Or maybe not.  Actually my interest in meaning in life began early in my life and has simply grown and deepened with time.  That doesn’t mean that I have all the answers by any means.  Perhaps it has simply given me more questions to ask.

Just last week someone asked my to tell him about meaning in life.  I only had a few minutes and so summed it up quickly by suggesting he enjoy every moment and spend time with people he enjoys spending time with.  Perhaps over simplified and perhaps not.  Give it some thought.

That brief conversation did prompt me to pull my dusty thesis off the top shelf in my office.  I have started to read it again with intrigue, joy and gladness to see that I have not lost what I learned in that process.  My dissertation was a qualitative research approach where I designed a workshop and facilitative process that was aimed at helping well people enrich the meaning in their lives.  In other words they were not in the darkness of meaninglessness, but rather perhaps at a turning point and wanting to make some changes related to what was meaningful.  I guided them in their own process and them watched the changes they made, listening to their descriptions of it over six months.

It is a big book, this thesis  of mine.  I am not halfway through it yet.  Expect to read more of what I learned over the next few weeks.  The workshop I led was a two-day workshop much like the retreats I lead now.  I still use some of the exercises that I described in the thesis and will revisit them for the fall retreat, likely incorporating more into the process.  This excites me.Russet Hill House  Cottage

At the same time I am reading The Four Purposes of Life by Dan Millman.  I just know that these two pieces of writing are going to merge in my mind and help me create an even deeper retreat experience for fall and again next May.  Maybe you will consider joining me. It will be held in that beautiful space you see on the right.  If it interests you, read more about it here.

Till next time


Personal Change and You

Russet Hill House  Cottage

First let me tell you about the fall Retreat:  Self care, Soul Care

I am delighted to share with you the opportunity to attend a small group weekend retreat close to Owen Sound in this beautiful setting.  This is an opportunity to catch your breath, reflect inwardly through some group discussions, writing exercises, walks in nature and sharing.

Where:  at Russet Hill House, a modern, comfortable, country house on 100 hidden and wild acres (with  miles of trail out the back door) near Owen Sound.  For more pictures of the facility click here.  Or go to www.russethill.com   for more information about the place.  Activities:  The house sleeps ten people.  We will meet inside but also use the outdoors to learn from nature on walks and in meditation.  Bring outdoor footwear and comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather that weekend.

When:  weekend of Oct 23 (evening) to 25 (4pm), 2015

Cost:  early bird rate is $265 if you pay a $100 non-refundable deposit by July 10th.

I am open to having you pay$50 a month for 4 consecutive months following the deposit if that helps you afford this opportunity.  Please let me know in advance of your intentions and we will work it out together.

Regular cost after July 10th is $295

For more details please click here


In the mean time, I want to share with you some material from a book I am currently reading.  This book is really meaningful for personal transformation as well as organizational change.   The Four Elements of Transformation is written by Dr Janet Lapp RN PhD and is available on Amazon.

Dr Janet breaks down the process of the change process into four steps to “create radical and sustainable change”.  She is clear that each step must be approached in tis order, not necessarily completing one before the other, but at least having a foun dation in one before moving on.

Dr Jan advises us to be clear on the “cause that drives” us.  The cause is something that comes from within.  It is my experience that that sense of purpose s not something that leaves when we retire.  It may change how it looks externally but it remains at the base of the choices we make. While it may seem as though leaving work removes the opportunities to express that inner purpose, it just could be that instead you have freed yourself up to really express your inner purpose in a way that is even more true to yourself.

But even in the work world, there are ways that enhance how we feel about what we do.  We feel drawn to certain aspects of the work we do.  “trust Your inner voice”  writes Dr jan as she promtps us to live out who we are.

I am considering working through this book as a series of workshops for fall.  You may enjoy reading the book.

It seems to be in my nature to want to share information that I find has meaning for me.  Jan was a classmate of mine decades ago when we both studied Nursing at St Michael’s School of Nursing in Toronto.  She continued her studies with a PhD in Psychology and from there embarked on a later change to become an author and consultant who leads workplace transformation.  We met for tea last fall.  She is delightfully pleasant and approachable.  I can hear Jan talk as I read the book.  You too can hear her talk is you google her name and watch some of her short video clips. Most of them are geared to organizational leadership development but I ave no doubt that this material is easily transferable to personal growth.

I will be writing about the second step sometime soon.  meanwhile do some journaling to notice what ou love to do and where you believe your inner purpose lie.

Till next time,


Being Our Best: Controlling Our Thoughts

IMG_2513Positive Thinking! It is good and it is not so good. It is good in that it encourages you to see your blessings, to be grateful for what you have, to love. Its challenge lies in the urge to disown important aspects of who you are. It could take away the incentive to be creative with the challenge, only to see your “shadow” in the behaviour of others and judge it. Turn positive thinking into enjoying the value of seeing, and loving all aspects of who you are and of what is. Turn the negative thinking into something that is both creative and constructive.

Since I do have control over my own thoughts I can end up trying to explain why I feel negative because of the negative behaviour of someone in my circle of colleagues, family or friends. Instead, I can think an improved thought because it feels better to do so. Is the improved thought a constructive thought or is it one that simply blindsides the issue I am working with. My awareness of this happening, then turning it into a creative or constructive thought can turn things around. I cannot control the thinking or behaviour of someone else. But I can control my own thoughts.

In my experience, our thoughts determine our energy and vibration. That in turn changes our behaviour. So as we change our thoughts, our behaviour changes too and the end result is likely a change in the dynamic that had troubled us one way or the other.  It does not change the other person.  It does not directly change the situation.  It does change our reaction to it and in so doing, the dynamic much change.  Time and again I have seen people ultimately change their perspective of a situation and feel better about it.

In no way is this easy. Our patterns become hardwired. The ruts in our neuro-pathways can be quite deep. We need to be consistent and persistent and aware. And we can do it!!

Fall Retreat: Self care — Soul Care    book now to save your spot.  For details go to this link

Reiki classes:  I am ready to book Reiki 1 and 2 Holy Fire Usui Reiki classes. for fall.

I also have some interest in the Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master Teacher course for late fall.  Let me know if you are interested and I will send you details re requirements etc.

Self care – Soul care Retreat

I am very excited about the up coming retreat especially after my visit to the Russet Hill House facility and property last weekend.  Those who have signed up will be delighted with the warm, cosy, clean, spacious house and the 100 acres of rolling hills with a stream and trees.  WOW!!!  I can hardly wait.

Why did I select that theme for the retreat?  Often I select a focus because it is what I sense I need.  I often operate under the assumption that Carl Rogers was correct back in the late 60s when he said “What is most personal is most universal”.

Life is busy.  But it is also complex.  Even in retirement I find myself involved in a variety of things.  Often I am super busy with things I do enjoy but in the busyness of it, the soulfulness of it gets lost.  Hurry hurry means I begin to focus on getting it done rather than being  present in the moment, getting in touch with my inner self, my higher wisdom, my own self expression.

So self care helps me reduce the busyness.  It helps me set boundaries around my willingness to do things.  It helps me find more quiet time, connect with loved ones with intention, set a direction for myself.  But I always need reminders.

Sometimes I need to search for what I do love doing.  I may feel a longing or a yearning for something more but I don’t always know what it is.  Soul care brings us to that place and nourishes our soul.  And that feels really good.  Just writing about it, I feel my heart full and open.

Life has given me the opportunity to learn a great deal.  I feel a lot of gratitude for the opportunities and also I am very thankful for the opportunity to share it with others.

So here I am … doing what I love to do.

If you have not registered and would like to attend, I may be able to squeeze you in but I have to know right away.  Email me right now at dallacor@rogers.com.

I plan to offer this retreat again in the fall.  It will not be exactly the same as I know life will give me more opportunities to learn between now and then, but it will be equally valuable.  Tentatively I am looking at Oct 23, 24, 25 weekend.  Cost next October will be $260 for that weekend.  Includes food, accommodation and retreat experience.

Till next time