Inspired to be your true self

The learning curve needed for me to embed podcasts in a post is steeper than I had anticipated. I hope this time, the podcast is visible at the end. Thank you for your patience as we try once more. Around the time I was retiring from leadership roles at Georgian College, I was also learning … Continue reading Inspired to be your true self

What we notice in others teaches us about ourselves

What is it about our human nature that prompts us to want to critique others. Some people feel compelled to share their critique out loud while others feel it and hold it within. What is all this? Years of watching and learning from others , whether or not it was their intent to teach me … Continue reading What we notice in others teaches us about ourselves

What We Think Matters

My interest in how what we think really matters began many years ago.  It was brought more to the forefront when I started teaching Nursing and again after I began my graduate studies journey at OISE.  I feel we have only just begun to tap the capabilities of our thoughts as the starting place for … Continue reading What We Think Matters

Being Grounded Is Part of Self Care

Of course it is very important for everyone to care for themselves.  One of the Reiki Precepts is "Show compassion for yourself and for others"  Did  you know that it is really only to the extent that you care for your self that you are able to care for others.  This is true not just … Continue reading Being Grounded Is Part of Self Care

Paddling Through Life

It was a weekend amply filled with reflective opportunities, especially paddling on the water. It seems the water teaches me many life lessons whenever I am open to it. There are different strokes for different situations when paddling a canoe. Paddling on a lake is much like paddling through life. Some times the water is … Continue reading Paddling Through Life

Learning to Experience Oneness

The tree grows within the obstacle, taking root where it can. All is One. Recently I became really aware that time is passing quickly and I had better get on with expressing those things that matter to me. So why this topic and, why now? It happened rather suddenly I believe. Or maybe not. Actually … Continue reading Learning to Experience Oneness