Experience Shinpiden with Frans Stiene (Reiki 3) May 22-24, 2020 and Play Day on the 25th

It is with great delight that Sheila Murphy and Marie Knapp are organizing an event in Owen Sound, featuring Frans Stiene, co-founder of the International House of Reiki. Read below to learn about Frans and why we have been so inspired by learning from him.


The International House of Reiki holds events and teaches courses around the globe. Based in Holland, Frans Stiene teaches in North America, Europe, UK, Australia and Asia. Frans is also the author of Reiki Insights, it is the continuation of his previous book The Inner Heart of Reiki, taking your personal practice and understanding of the system of Reiki yet another step deeper. Click here if you are ready to read specifics about the Shinpiden course. If you are interested in the Reiki Play Day, please click here.

Reiki Teacher, Frans Stiene

Frans has been a major influence on global research into the system of Reiki since the early 2000s. His practical understanding of the Japanese influences on the system have allowed students around the world to connect deeply with this practise.

Students naturally respond to Frans’ warmth and intelligence. His own personal spiritual Reiki practise is a model that many students wish to emulate and offers great encouragement to those on the same path.

Frans is a co-founder of the International House of Reiki and Shibumi International Reiki Association with Bronwen Logan (Stiene). He has also co-authored with her the critically acclaimed books The Reiki Sourcebook A-Z of Reiki PocketbookReiki Techniques Card Deck and Your Reiki Treatment.

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A bit about Frans Stiene: Frans is based Holland and since 1998 has trained in a variety of countries such as Japan, Nepal, Italy, UK and Australia. Sheila and Marie have traveled to the USA twice to learn from Frans. They attended the Reiki 3 or Shinpiden course as well and the following One-day “Reiki Play Day” in Vermont in 2018. This April, 2019, they attended a four-day Reiki Retreat with Frans in Cincinatti, Ohio. Both have been inspiring events and have led to the planning for this opportunity to experience Shinpiden and/or the Play Day here in Owen Sound.
Location: The course will be held in the Harry Lumley Community Centre on the shore of Georgian Bay in Owen Sound.

Why Come to Owen Sound? While in the area, you can also enjoy many of Owen Sound’s wonderful features and attractions. Owen Sound and surrounding area is a four season tourist destination close to Sauble Beach to the west and Blue Mountain to the East. During the summer months 35,000 cars travel through Owen Sound daily.  Spring and fall has fishing derbies and mountain/other biking and hiking. The famous Bruce Trail practically surrounds this beautiful small city situated on Georgian Bay.  Cottages are opened on Easter weekend and the cottagers are around until the season closes at Thanksgiving.

Owen Sound  won one of the “culture capital” awards for a city of our size. Visit our Tom Thompson Art Gallery, Grey Roots Museum and several other smaller galleries in our area.

There is a large artistic community here.   Music people have compared us to the music movement out east because of the music festivals and music in cafes and the open mics that run. There is Summerfolk in August, Sweetwater Festival and Pratie Oaten Irish Festival in September, a lovely symphony, and music events by the bay at the rail museum during the summer, etc. There is always something going on. Check out Trip Advisor for things to do in Owen Sound

All types of accommodation can book up quite quickly; in fact sometimes they are booked a year in advance. May is the start of wedding season because Owen Sound has some larger venues than the surrounding places. Book your accommodation early.

Check out the accommodations in Owen Sound here. Note that it is best to stay on the East side of town next May as one of the bridges across the Sydenham River (which more or less divides east and west side) will be under rebuild and there will be a fair amount of traffic congestion crossing from west to east. Most Owen Sound hotels are on the east side of the city. The one closest to the course location is the Best Western Inn On The Bay. It is the nicest and most affordably expensive one in town but also has large rooms that could easily accommodate four people.

This May event gives you the opportunity to explore this beautiful area when the spring flowers, including Trillium, Leek, Trout Lilly, Magnolia and many more are in bloom. The weather can be very pleasant then and the venue is situated on the water.

If you haven’t already clicked on the above links, click here to learn more details about what this course is all about. If you have any questions feel free to contact either Sheila Murphy (sheilamurphy@bmts.com) or Marie Knapp (marie@marieknapp.com). People coming from out of province or out of country can send us an email with any questions and we will be glad to assist for best routes, airport info and such.

Please share this message with other Reiki people. People of any Usui Reiki lineage may be interested.


Marie and Sheila

How do you express emotions?

Let’s begin with the Reiki Precept “Do not bear anger”. A book that has recently accidentally crossed my path is Brene Brown’s most recent book called “Rising Strongly”. To me it touches profoundly on how we process the emotions we feel in the roughest part of what life can throw at us. It has left me curious about my own expression (and often lack of expression) of emotion, anger included. I recognize that keeping a tight lid on it can lead to an explosion over a small incident and at inopportune times. Or it sits there and holds me stuck.

Today, a beautiful May day, I am pondering how to safely (from my perspective) let out the feelings I hold tight and close. I wonder if writing poetry or songs or creating art work might be best suited to me, when I can speak in metaphors. Brene suggests that we can’t skip the second step – that is the step where we write the story of our anguish, perhaps many times over, taking it from the raw horrid expression in words we would never want anyone else to hear or read to something that makes more sense. Perhaps then I could move from blaming others to blaming self to not attaching any blame but accepting what is without labels. It would be different for everyone. One way does not suit all.

I think about the emotions expressed through music. Coco Love Alcorn and Tara McKenzie sing passionately without being hindered by shoulds. Also I notice there is such emotion in some of my favourite opera pieces like Celeste Aida from Aida, and Un Bel Di Vedremo from Madame Butterfly. And how I love to listen the the blend of four voices in the Quartet from Rigoletto. What about the Hurtin’ songs in country Music and the stories told in good old folk music. “We Shall Overcome” and “Blowin’ In The Wind”

It am noticing how songs, and singing are all a way of sharing our emotions in a safe way. My daughter Melanie has become quite a poet. Poetry often speaks metaphorically telling stories that can be interpreted in many ways. Speaking of metaphors, I love walking in nature and have often learned about life’s challenges from the metaphors in nature.

The first reiki precept is Just for today, do not bear anger.

This is a good example of how Reiki is helping me with self growth and healing. It nudges me when I say the precepts and often when I meditate. I am guided through some Reiki techniques that open up new perspectives for me. I like nudges rather than grand pushes. But sometimes if I don’t listen to the nudge, I get pushed.

Did you see the last blog I sent out about the Meditation and Learning Day I am offering on May 24th? Perhaps you would like to attend. Maybe you will experience a nudge too. Check it out here.Feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

Till next time (when I share with you information about Frans Stiene’s class being offered in Owen Sound May 2020.


May 24: Reiki Meditation and Learning Day

You may be unsure of what this is about. In April, Sheila Murphy and I attended a Reiki Retreat with Frans Stiene in Cincinnati. As always, the four days were filled with meditations, fun, laughter, enjoyable people and more. (Frans will be coming to Owen Sound in May 2020 but more about that in another post). That was the second time we have experienced Reiki with Frans and there are many relevant experiences we learned each time. Some of these I would love to share with you.

I look forward to seeing a lovely group of people. You only need to have the first level of Reiki to attend. Email me at livingreiki@rogers.com with your questions and/or intent to participate.

Cost: $50.00 includes some materials. I have reduced the cost for the day, hoping that more will find it affordable. I suggest we go for lunch together, perhaps to the Bleeding Carrot, so we can build on the friendships we are sharing.

Where: Her Wellness, 925 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound

When: May 24, 9:30 till 3:00

In order to hold the room I have reserved at Her Wellness, I need to know that I have at least 5 paid-up registrants by Friday May 10th. Please let me know asap if you wish to go. I am happy to receive your $50 by E-Transfer. But let me know if you prefer another way.

Content for the day will flow in response to your needs and will likely include:

>experience the Reiki Precepts in a different way,

>feel the vibrations of chanting,

>learn about and practice sharing Reiki energy through your eyes, mouth and hands,

>share a sitting Reiki session with each other,

> share about your experience if you wish to share and journal if you wish to journal, and more.

Hope to see you soon,

Marie Knapp

Be True to Your Way and Your Being

This Reiki Precept invites introspection and deep self awareness. Self awareness comes at a variety of levels. I find myself experiencing surprise levels when I least expect it.

This morning I was enjoying a Nia class with Wendy Roman of Rhythmwood. I felt my energy flowing more exuberantly as I moved to the music. And periodically a new insight popped into my mind. It surprised me. Would I allow it to stay or would its newness prompt me to let it flow through?

As the thought lingered, it became even more clear. Give it a try. Let your energy flow in whatever way it works best for you. Perhaps it is a walk in nature, or playing an instrument with abandon, of singing from deep within your heart, or meditating, or practicing Reiki or … there is no wrong answer here. Notice what pops into your mind without being asked.

If you were to be leaving this life soon, what would you wish you had spent more time doing because you love doing it so much? What would you wish you had spent time being because you love being it so much? Just for today, be true to your way and your being.

Want to share you thoughts with someone? Email me privately at marieknapp@rogers.com or add a comment to this message on my website.

Till next time,



A day to appreciate all women !

What a beautifully sunny day today. The predominant white snow reflects the bright light back up making the need for sunglasses greater. Could even be blinding if we are not careful.

We often say things like “the sun is shining today” or “the sun is out”. But In reality the sun is always there shining it’s light. Our inner bright light is also always there. Sometimes it is shining brightly and sometimes it is hidden or partially hidden by clouds. our clouds. Our anger, frustrations, worries, concerns and even our ego.

The sun does not determine where to shine more, or less. Other factors may affect that, but the sun is a constant. The sun does not make rules, or conditions for its brightness or warmth. The sun does not judge who needs how much sun. Our light, our Reiki light is available as long as we choose to remove the clouds and other obstacles that block its light and warmth. Learning Reiki helps us do that.

Interested in a reiki session or learning Reiki? Please go to my website and click on the menu to find the information you want.

Hope to see you at the Owen Sound Health Fair on march 16th at the Bayshore Arena. Stop by our booth and say hello. Living Reiki.

Till next time,


What I love about learning Reiki

It really never ends. The learning I mean. But I love how reading the Reiki books I have that were written by Frans Stiene and Bronwen reignites the Reiki flame within. Each reading brings a new depth of understanding.

The six precepts are foundational to Being Reiki. I highly recommend you review them at least twice a day. What is your personal experience as you say them out loud and embody them bit by bit? Do you notice any energetic shifts? any lifting of spirits? any change in perspective? any modified behaviours? Not all at once. Maybe not even in large amounts but just allow yourself to be the Reiki that lies within you. Allow and notice.

Breathe deeply into the Hara. Know that love surrounds you and lies within you. It is a love that requires nothing in return nor does it need to be earned. It simply is.

Just for today,

Do not bear anger,

Do not worry,

Be humble,

Be true to you way and your being,

Show compassion for self and others.

Till next time,


Why Learn Reiki

Many people think you learn Reiki to be able to set up a Reiki practice.  While this may be so for some, it is my experience that the first step and perhaps the main reason for learning Reiki is for your own self  care.  Consider it a means for personal and spiritual development.

This message is intended to give you some of the basic information about the classes.  In the next few months.

Below you will see information related to:

Reiki Level 1 (Shoden)
Reiki Level 11 (Okuden)
Reiki Master (Shinpiden)
Reiki Learning and Practice Day

I prefer at least four people registered for a class. Please let me know of your interest.

Reiki 1 (Shoden) is a 12 hour course.  Sheila Murphy will be sharing the teaching of this course.   We will teach it  in three  four-hour segments.from 9 am till 1 pm on June 7, 14 and 21.
This class is for you  if you have not taken a Reiki class before but perhaps you have experienced Reiki from a practitioner and would like to learn how to use it yourself.  Reiki can be very helpful in many ways and in this class, besides learning how to practice it, you will also learn about many ways it is possible to use it for yourself in  your own self-healing and spiritual growth.  Continual practice is important in developing your sensitivity.

Full Cost is $200.  However if you pay in full by March 17 the cost is only $150.   It includes a non refundable deposit of $75 as well as reading materials and a journal.

The class is offered from 9am till 1:00 each day. It will be in  Owen Sound at Her Wellness on Second Ave east downtown. It is a scent free and animal free setting to allow for those with allergies (including myself).

I have been inspired by what I have been learning through the International House of Reiki and Frans Stiene.  They have approved the courses I offer.  Those who complete the three sessions will receive a certificate acknowledging their completion.  The class will focus on developing spiritual and mental focus by working with the precepts, as well as learning a daily routine for meditation and self-care, hands on healing you can use for family and friends, and you will receive Reiki blessings through attunements and reijus.

You will have some suggested reading before the course starts as well as meditation and practice homework between segments.  Following completion of the course, I will offer you a special discount on receiving sessions from me if you so wish over the next few months.

Reiki 11 (Okuden) is an eight-hour course.  You must have taken the first level from someone in-person in order to take the second level. If you have not taken the first level as traditional Reiki, there is required reading and practice to prepare. I will send this as an email.

The Okuden course will be offered the mornings of Friday May 10 and 17 from 9 am till 1pm.   Students who have not taken Shoden as their level 1 will be asked to follow a pre-course instruction with instructions via email.  Registering at least two weeks prior to the course is preferable to complete the reading and meditations.

The class is offered from 9am till 1:00.   It will be in  Owen Sound at Her Wellness on Second Ave east downtown. It is a scent free and animal free setting to allow for those with allergies (including myself).

It is best to have had at least three months of practice with Reiki 1 and especially practice with the meditations, before taking Reiki 11.  Reiki 11 teaches you ways to strengthen the flow of Reiki energy using three symbols and mantras.  In Reiki 11 you will also learn Distant Healing and some particular Reiki techniques and meditations to focus the energy in different ways.

Taking Reiki classes a second time is not necessary even if it has been years since previous classes occurred.  However, I have found that taking repeats with different teachers is beneficial. If you are considering this, I would be happy to discuss it with you over email.

Cost $200  There is a $75 non refundable deposit to register. Pay in full by March 3rd and cost is only $160.  Those who have completed Shoden with me or Sheila Murphy receive a special rate.  Please contact me if you need more information.

Following the second level you may attend any of the Reiki workshops I offer unless it is specifically directed to Reiki Masters.  There is always a special price for people who have taken Reiki classes through me.

The Reiki  Master Course is a three-day course  that requires a further commitment to using Reiki regularly for yourself and your own self growth.  You may or may not choose to practice it on others .  Likewise teaching is an option you may or may not choose to follow.  In order to take this course, you must have the first and second levels taken from someone in person (in other words not online).  I also ask that you follow a daily self Reiki practice several months in advance.

If this course interests you, please let me know.  I would like to discuss it with you.

Second Annual Reiki Learning and Practice Day.
This full day workshop runs from 9:30 to 3:00 on Friday May 24.  We will break for lunch and there are several restaurants close by. Bleeding Carrot serves excellent vegan lunches and you can request gluten free.

In April I will have attended a four-day retreat in Cincinatti led by Frans Steine.  I am sure we will once again have learned more Reiki techniques and meditations which I will be able to share with you. As well we will have the opportunity to review some of the meditations you may have already learned.

Requirements: I would prefer to have everyone having taken the second level of Reiki.  I expect there will be several Masters people in attendance. If you have taken only the first level but have practiced Reiki on yourself and family and friends, you may attend.

The full cost for the day would be $100.00 however, as I promised last year, I am aiming to encourage people to continue to practice Reiki for themselves and to spread the word to others.  So ….

If you have attended any of my classes (Reiki 1, 2 or Master) deduct $15
If your bring a new person who did not attend the first one, deduct $10 each. (Remember new people should have Reiki 2 or higher or Reiki 1 if they have continued to practice on themselves.)
If you attended last year, deduct $5.
This means that if you have taken one of my Reiki classes, and bring a new person and took the class last year, you pay only $70.

I look forward to hearing about your interests and any questions.

Till next time,


Visualizing Yourself as a more senior person

You may recall this message I posted last summer. Serendipitously I happened to come across it recently. The message is an important one and seems to fit well following the last three New Years related blogs I wrote.  You may wish to read them again: Merry Christmas and Happy HolidayLooking Ahead, and Moving into 2019 with an Authentic Way of Being

Read on…….

Birthdays are only a number.  Although this sounds like a light and perhaps frivolous comment, it is actually deeper than you might think. We attach too many expectations to age numbers, sometimes in the form of shoulds, and sometimes in the form of diminishing abilities. Currently I am paying attention to releasing limiting beliefs around getting old.  Let me share a personal story.

Time passes quickly.  Sixteen years ago was 2002.  That seems fairly recent. It is in this millennium, post 9/11, and post retirement for me.  That thought is  relatively neutral until I move those 16 years into the future and realized how old I will be then.  Those numbers will have accumulated rather briskly. Yikes!

At first I was dragged down by this thought, coupled by continuing notices of the serious illnesses and/or deaths of friends, acquaintances, former classmates and relatives who are my age and even younger.  Dwelling on this thought was a downer.  I began thinking of myself losing ground, becoming weaker, less involved.  UGH! It was not a good feeling and I noticed that it was affecting my daily life in the present.  I noticed that I already was beginning to cut back on things I loved doing.

I find that Reiki self practice often guides me to higher ground. While some of the above helps me feel compassion toward those experiencing ill health, compassion is not meant to drag me down too.  Reflecting on this, I began to notice those things that gave me insights into what I needed to do.  Perhaps synchronistically I happened to see a Facebook ad from Mind Movies.  Perhaps you have seen those.  Very useful perspective and exercises.  I happened to pass through some of the previous workshops I have led on intentions, visualizations, and the effects of our thinking. I realized that I had a limiting belief about getting older that I did not need to hang on to.

As a Reiki practitioner and teacher I feel it is most important to do my own self reiki and self healing.  The more I can heal old stuff within my thought patterns and past life experiences, the better I can work with others and provide the right energy and capability to offer what they may need at that moment for their highest good. Through self care, I see old patterns that can be released. For my own personal and spiritual growth, I see a practitioner who uses Reiki and other methods to help me release them.  We work well together because I trust her ability.  I never expect a magic fix.  It always requires inner work on my part and her capabilities allow me to be more aware of the required work.  I hope I provide that for the people I see.  That is  my intention.

After I went to see my energy practitioner, I also listened to some of the audio and videos on Mind Movies and it became very clear to me what I needed to do.

Besides releasing the limiting beliefs, my inner work was to create a visualization of me as an older woman, still participating in the growth of others, still actively involved and healthy as I engage in life.  I am currently working on that image of my true self, not giving it an age number, but seeing me in the image as an older woman.  I look vibrant, caring, energetic, bright, and mentoring others, facilitating, engaging and enjoying life.  My family are also enjoying my vibrancy as an older woman and we are doing fun things together.  This is uplifting.  This image contributes significantly to the vibrancy I feel today. I am making different life choices. I welcome Birthdays. I am grateful for them.

I invite you to pay attention to how you see yourself today and in the future as you get older.  If you have learned Reiki, it can be very helpful in asking for guidance and releasing the limiting beliefs.  You may very well be able to do this without extra help but if you need me, just contact me.  We can set up an appointment.

By the way, I find this concept is also useful for people who have  been dealing with some serious “stuff” from their past and want to have a sense of “where from here”.  When a lot of time has been spent reviewing the past and connecting it to “why today”, it can sometimes lead you to a stuck place.  You may need a way to move forward from here.  This may be helpful for you.

I would love to hear your comments about this blog.  Have you had similar experiences you can share either privately or on the blog?

Till we meet again,  Marie

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Warmly,  Marie

PS: Please send me your comments

Moving into 2019 with an Authentic Way of Being

Once again we approach another year.  2019.  Some see New Years Resolutions as a list of things you hope to accomplish; however many goals on the list are the same ones you had last year. So now what? Should you bother?

Do do do.  What do we wish to do or accomplish?  What is really important?  Another “To Do List” is not what you need when you already have a list of tasks that you never seem to get around to.  Each day ends by simply writing several of the things that were to be accomplished today onto the new list for tomorrow. It is a busy world.

Is it possible to approach this traditionally significant date in a more effective manner? Over the years I have been using the term intentions instead of resolutions.  I think of an intention as something that resides deeper in my heart.  Sometimes I am not even fully aware of my intentions. But my intentions do govern my actions.  Look at that picture of the tree again. The intention of the tree overcame the challenges of the location for its growth.  It is a strong tree.

When it is the right time, sit quietly and let your meaningful intentions for being come to the surface.  What do I mean?  What is important right now in your life at this time? Really important.  For example do you want more peace of mind, or more authentic connections to the people you love most.  Perhaps you want to have a way to deal with  the news you really wish was not happening.  How do you really want to be as you move forward in this new year?  Let this come from your true authentic self.

This is entirely different from what you want to do.  First you want to know how you want to be in relation to the life ahead of you.  Just let it come to you.  Ask for guidance. It could relate to your relationship or your family or your work or your community or your spirituality or your health and aging or ……

I suggest you read the two previous blog articles I wrote: Looking Ahead, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday   Scroll down on the Blog articles page to see previous articles.

Notice how there tends to be a somewhat spiritual element to what is meaningful to you.  It feels like you are connecting to life purpose.  Be still. Let it become more and more conscious for you.  This will take some time.  Breathe deep. Let it unfold. Journal about it. There is not a dead line. January 1st can come and go and it doesn’t matter. Take time to have a real sense of what is your intention and how you want to be.  Being will be  the foundation for  what you will do  to live it out fully.

As you become aware of your deeper intentions, then start to develop the means. What do you need to do to be able to be  how you want to be?

What an inspiring feeling it is to be more and more in touch with who you are!  Let your inner bright light shine!

A side note: living life meaningfully has been important for me for many years.  My doctoral dissertation was a qualitative study on how people make changes in their lives related to what is meaningful to them.  I have continued that personal study through reading, writing articles, creating newsletters, working with Lance Secretan, and of course studying, sharing and teaching Reiki.  From when I began to teach nursing until forever, it has been part of what I bring to my work and my life.  I would be honoured to read anything you would like to share with me regarding your personal story of finding meaning. Send it to me privately at marieknapp@rogers.com

Happy New Year