Self Worth and the Third (Solar Plexus) Chakra

Happy New Year,

You likely wonder if I have given up my blog. “Where are those Chakra blogs she promised?”, you may be saying to yourself.  or not…

Well life does sometimes get in the way of my doing the things I get enthusiastic about.  Only proof that I am not by any means perfect and really want to be able to share what I learn with others but… sometimes other things take over. 

This is a good day to get back on track.  We are truly “snowed-in” in Owen Sound.  It seems all the roads out of town are closed, which is rather disconcerting for those heading to the airport.  And the airport is also temporarily shut down, I hear. 

But even here in our home, the radio tells us “all roads in Georgian Bluffs are closed”.  So that means they aren’t plowing them.  And here we sit and here I write for the blog.

Well it took Bob and I an hour for us together to shovel out the drive way.  We shoveled out a foot of snow yesterday and another foot today.  That is around 30cm each day.  Beautiful out there.  But glad I like our warm cozy home.

I have more plans for the new year related to workshops.  I will send out more information about that next week.  I have just read a book by Dr Janet Lapp that is a possible workshop or retreat theme.  More on that later.

I still find Reiki a really positive influence on my life and would be happy to share it with you.  I do offer Reiki sessions to clients but also love teaching it.  Please let me know if you are interested in taking classes in Usui Reiki in Levels 1, 2 or the advanced and masters levels.

Back to the Chakras

We have given attention to the first and second chakras, the root and sacral chakras.  The third chakra is the solar plexus.  It is located right over the stomach just below your sternum.  It is where you feel unpleasant sensations when someone hurts your ego badly,  when you feel like you were “kicked in the stomach” or “punched in the gut”.  You know the location when you know it has been negatively punched so to speak.  You actually feel it when you are feeling good about yourself too but it is more of a pleasant feeling.

The solar plexus chakra is said to be the place related to who we are.   In adolescence we develop a sense of personal identity.  It is connected with our sense of self-worth and is where we feel our sense of personal empowerment.

Caroline Myss, renowned author, speaker and workshop leader, says in one of her CDs that the thing we need to help people with most, the most important area to help the world be a better place, is not the heart chakra but rather the solar plexus and the sense of self-worth.

I often have given my own personal interpretation of the biblical reference to “Love your neighbour as yourself”.  Really we can only love others to the degree that we love ourselves.  

You may wish to give some thought to this.  In my mind, when we truly love others, we do so unconditionally.  And what that means is without expectations in return.  Loving others in an attempt to receive love in return is a message that the third chakra needs work.  In other words that aspect of ourselves feels unloved.  Which means that we do not love that aspect of ourselves.  When we don’t love an aspect of ourselves, we look for others to love it as if that is how we will learn to love ourselves.  however, it has to come from within.   It is only in learning to love that aspect of ourselves, in spite of perhaps not liking it, we are free to be more loving and accepting of others.

I have to check this one in myself regularly.  I know it is true in my head but living it is not easy.   We can pretend we get it by being able to talk about it knowledgeably but that doesn’t cut it unfortunately. 

This is an excellent area to work on as we begin the new year.   One of my intentions for 2014.

Hope to be back more regularly.  More about the Solar Plexus then.

Till next time,


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