Reiki Dance: — finding all parts of yourself through guided dance and Reiki: May 10th

Reiki Dance

Reiki Dance Photo


Imagine a spring day at Rhythmwood. 

  •       Picture yourself in a small group of people who have also been attuned to Reiki energy.  They too love to move with music, and feel the energy flow from earth and spirit through them.
  •        See yourself being guided through movement and music to replenish your spirit and to share it with those around you — finding all parts of yourself through guided dance so you can be whole and connected to the flow of energy that unites us all
  •        No dance experience is needed, just a willingness to move and be moved.
  •       As long as you have been attuned to Reiki 1, no matter how long ago, you qualify.

Facilitators:             Wendy Roman and Marie Knapp

When:                       Saturday May 10th,  10:00 to 4:30

Where:                     Rhythmwood (near Lion’s head)

Cost:                          $125  includes a delicious vegetarian lunch

Group:       Space is limited so we will only take 12 participants. 

                                    Register soon and avoid disappointment.

To Register: contact Marie Knapp         

                        or Wendy Roman                

Please share this message with other Reiki people who may be interested in attending.  You may also wish to share the poster.  Link to poster:  click here

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