Connecting to and from your Heart

It is most often that our awareness is in our head.  When we are experiencing feelings, often the switch to our head is almost immediate as we review images of past regrets or anger, present discomforts or future worries or anxieties. We have given way to thoughts that affect what we do and how we live our lives.  We feel our feelings in our body but associating them with images is not an effective way of letting them go. In fact it may serve to hold them there longer.  It seems that noticing, where we feel the heaviness in our body, without thinking about what may have caused it, without thinking period, helps us better be with the feeling, acknowledging it, accepting it in us and then moving on.

Deliberate connecting to our heart can come from our thoughts or memories of loving or touching experiences.  Some people easily move to heart awareness when they think of a baby, their own or a grandchild or niece or nephew.  Others are particularly connected at the heart level to pets and feel the connection at the heart level as soon as they image the animal.  Our feelings are connected to our heart and that is why disconnecting our less than comfortable feelings from images that anchor them within you is less than effective in getting past them.

There are other less common images that can connect us to our heart too.  I think of these in particular when I want to expand my sense of love to the world, asking for peace and love to spread afar.   This picture touches my heart very deeply.

My husband and I were travelling in Jordan, because we had been forced out of Egypt at the time when the uprising there first began.  We begrudgingly had to leave the warm sunny climate of Egypt to go to a safe country and find our way around there.  Arriving in Amman we found the weather to be cold, raining and gray.  What a disappointment.  After investigating places to explore in Jordan we decided to go down to Aqaba on the Red Sea,IMG_3301 the furthest south citye.  Along the shore of the Red Sea we could actually see the shores of Israel and Egypt on the right and Saudi Arabia on the left.

We picked a restaurant to have a bite to eat.  We liked that we could sit and eat outside.  The family beside us were having a good time together.  Bob began a conversation with them.  Much to my surprise, the woman in the full burka was very animated in her conversation and spoke with Bob with no problem.  She was a widow, and was a professor at the university.  Her mother sat across from her and there were a group of young people who were children and cousins who came and went as we continued our conversation.

The professor woman spoke English very well and so often translated for her mother.  Her mother was so delighted to be speaking with us.  She was deeply touched by the fact that we were having fun together.  I was also touched but more so because of her.  Her daughter told us that her mother would have invited us to her home for a meal but they were also just visiting Aqaba from Amman so they did not live there.  Bob found a Canada pin which he often carries on him when we are travelling so that he can share them with necklaceothers.  People from other countries treasure that.  They always speak very highly of Canada.  The grandmother hunted for something in her purse that she could give us.  She had purchased a beaded necklace from one of the street vendors.  It was charcoal grey and shiny and a heart hung from it.  That necklace holds a special place in my jewelry box as well as in my heart.   I feel a strange sense of world connection and world peace whenever I bring it to my awareness.  I share this with you in the hopes that perhaps this story will also connect you to far away places and ways of life.  We are all human and connecting at the heart level is a spiritual experience.

When we put together our Reiki Dance experience we have included an ending that extends our love and healing to the world and peace.  Both Wendy and I feel moved to do that and already feel the experience of sharing outwardly in that way.  Perhaps you will consider joining us.


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