Heart connections

When we consider the heart chakra and its placement, we notice that it is just above the solar plexus and just below the throat chakra.  The significance of this is astounding. I invite you to reflect with me as I ponder their connection.

The solar plexus focuses on our development as a person, our self worth and our sense of who we are.  It is from this place that we learn that we are worthy simply because we exist. It is here that we develop confidence and empowerment.  It is from here that we choose health and healing.  Caroline Myss tells us that the solar plexus is actually more important than the heart chakra as we need to first love ourselves.  We touched on this when we discussed the solar plexus or third chakra.

The heart is our centre of love and joy.  Here we experience peace and love of life and being aware of the sacredness of all things. Through the heart chakra we experience truth.  It is here that we learn acceptance, partly because we have learned forgiveness of self and others.  It is through the heart chakra that we experience unity and connection with all of life.

When I walk in the trees, I feel that sense of oneness with them and with nature itself.  When I am with children and marvel at their innocence and enjoyment of life, I connect through the heart.  When I am with people who are accepting of themselves in a loIMG_2513ving way, I feel connected at the heart level.  I love when the garden is filled with lupines in bloom.  It is only about 6 weeks away.  I connect with lupines in a variety of ways.  They speak to my heart.

We experience our truth in the heart and we express our truth through the throat chakra.  I personally sense the intertwining of these three chakras and sense it in others I work with.  I find a back and forth movement between self awareness, self acceptance (even of the things we don’t particularly like about ourselves) and the openness of the heart.  Then the expressions of the truth in some form outside of myself.  Sometimes it is through words, or it could be through dance or music or healing or art or sculpting or gardening or… .  It does not need to be understood by others.  It just is.

I invite you to ponder these musings and share your own experience with me either on the web site or in a personal email.  I believe most of the work we do is at the level of these three chakras in our culture and at this time.

Some of my personal truth is reflected in the work I do with Reiki both in offering it to others and in teaching it to others.  Integrating Reiki with movement and music as Wendy and I are doing through the Reiki Dance retreat May 10th. , brings out the strength of the heart and throat chakras.

I am offering  Reiki 1 class immediately after Easter if you are interested.  I still have two spots open.  Easter Monday evening and the full day following.  Email me at marieknapp@rogers.com if this interests you.

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