Knowing your truth

How interesting that the throat chakra is about speaking our truth.  In order to express who we are, we need to take the time to really know who we are.  All the chakras are actually involved.

It occurs to me that there is an integration process as me move up the chakras.  Who we DSCF4297are begins deep in the root chakra.  The world we were born into, our culture and heritage, our grandparents and all they represented as they made decisions about living and life are the foundation of who we are.

We grow and develop as we begin to relate to others in our midst.  We learn from what is around us, the people, our belongings. Our attitudes form.  Who we are is also what we learn about people, possessions, the environment, other cultures.  Our experiences broaden.  We learn to value ourselves in different ways.  As our sense of self worth develops we see ourselves as we want to be.  The development of the solar plexus chakra helps us define ourselves according to the life we feel we are born to live.  It may or may not come easily.  There are conflicts and differences.  We are unsureat first.  We learn to become more confident.

As we learn to love who we are and treasure all we have become our solar plexus becomes stronger and with that strength we learn to love others … not just for what we may receive  in return, but simply because love is what we are meant to be.  The life force that runs through us and around us is love.  It is not based on any sense of achievement or reason.  It is simply there because we exist.  It is unconditional.

The throat chakra now has the sense of who we are to be able to speak it outwardly without need for approval or judgement.  Judgement of any kind is unnecessary …  it truly doesn’t matter.  As we develop our chakras and grow, we just know what is right for us and we are comfortable expressing that.  Because we have developed the other chakras in preparation, we speak with love and honesty and integrity.  We speak with kindness.  We speak for ourselves.  We are not controlling.  We simply are who we are.

While I write this as though it all falls into place easily,  it is not so easy.  The self awareness work to get there is our life’s work. While it may sound simple, it is one of our most difficult tasks.  We have to accept our mistakes and our struggles with love for ourselves and with courage.  Perhaps it is even the mistakes that move us forward.

I would love to hear your response to this.  I wish you joy as you move through life’s journey.


2 thoughts on “Knowing your truth

  1. I love the insight you offer in this lovely post Marie. I personally find the chakras to be very interesting and very complex! So I really enjoy reading about them. So thanks for sharing Marie! The one thing I personally find frustrating at times is that there are so many different perspectives and schools of thoughts when it comes to the chakras. Sadly, this is what prevents me from learning more about them! I haven’t really found any books that that present the chakras in a simple way that is easy for me to understand and integrate. I tried reading Carolyn Myss yet her writing does not resonate with me at all. There were other books I tried to read but again I found them very complex. Do you recommend any other books or resources Marie?

  2. Thanks. Some of my own reflections on this chakra. Although the throat chakra can be about sharing our truth it can also be about sharing emotion, expressing understanding and talking with empathy. Another important aspect of the voice is that we can make playful sounds with children or laugh in funny ways. The throat chakra can help us with this playfulness. Our voices can sound exhausted or rich with meaning. People can learn about us by listening to the quality of our voices. The term speaking our truth can be a little daunting for me, although for some it can be an important clue about finding out about themselves. I enjoy thinking of a variety of purposes for the throat chakra. I think communication can be a wonderful opportunity to share and expand our awareness and compassion. It’s wonderful that we can ask questions too. Thanks for inviting me to sit down and think about this chakra for a little while. xo Melanie

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