Throat Chakra: my challenge

I have heard that the throat chakra is the one most people are challenged by these years.  This is true of me too.  As I read the questions asked in The book of Chakras, the ones that stand out for me are:

Do you say what you feel?  Do you honour your personal truth?  Do you tune into your350 body, your feelings, and your spirit to know what your truth is? Where do you channel your creative energy?

These are questions I continue to ask myself as I work through the challenges life offers me on a daily basis.  Knowing what I truly feel and being who I truly am can be overridden by other challenges I face in life such as knowing I am worthy simply because I exist.  Sometimes different relationships beckon me share while others are less likely to encourage me to share what is important o me.

May I invite you to join me in simply noticing what feelings you hold and where you hold them in your body.   Perhaps you will strengthen your throat chakra by writing poetic verses about your feelings, or allowing your hand to express what is within you on paper as an abstract drawing.  Noticing is always the first step.  Whatever is your personal truth today, honour it and respect it.  You might wish to use words from EFT:  “Even though I feel …….  I totally love and respect myself.  Try it and see how it feels.

Enjoy the beauty of this day.

Till next time,


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