Inspired by Trees

IMG_0869Where I live, a landscape view is always touched by trees.  Perhaps in the distance, outlining a fence row or surrounding a home.  Perhaps offering shelter to children or an animal or a porch.  Perhaps embracing the entire image as the viewer looks between the trunks or branches for birds or animals or flowers or a swing.  Trees tell us when the seasons changes, protect us from rain or sun or wind, ground us when we are unsettled and brighten our spirits when we are down.

Trees are a metaphor from which we can learn and grow.  Trees serve others always.  Sometimes they serve new forest growth, sometimes shelter for animals and very often they serve a variety of needs and wants of us humans.  Trees serve others when they are alive but also when they have died either through nature life cycles or because they have been cut down for a variety of purposes.

As you consider your life, and ponder the meaning of life for you as an individual, or for humans in general, draw some inspiration from the trees.  Reflect on how trees serve others in so many ways and notice how we humans also serve others in many ways.  Just ponder.  There is no right or wrong.  It is simply a moment to notice and be grateful.

I love to use trees as an opportunity for deeper understanding of ourselves in the retreats I lead.  Click here if you are interested in more information about the retreat in April.

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