Your Thoughts and Images do Matter

Dear DallaCor friends,

I am reminded again of the importance of really paying attention to what goes through your mind. While people know its importance on one level, I find they are not always actually aware of it on a deeper level.  How does it show?

One way it shows is the language a person uses to describe themselves or a situation.  It isn’t that they are being dishonest in the words they use.  It is just that the particular word may simply keep them stuck. Let me give you an example.

“To walk that far is impossible for me. I am not fit.”  Could be that is true but saying it that way could serve to keep you stuck in that mode.  The image that crosses your mind is that you are incapable of walking that far, and that being unfit is simply your state of being.  But maybe you are not that happy with that way of being and would like it to be different.

Well give yourself a chance at possibly changing that.  What if you were to say something like this: “That is a long way.  Something I have to work up to. I am slowly working on increasing my fitness level”.

That may be perfect for some but others may say to me “I have no intention of increasing my fitness level.  I am happy just the way I am.  I like being slow and rather lazy.”

Then I suggest you reword that to say: “I really am not trying to be fit and strong.  I only want to be healthy. I do like to walk a little bit but slowly.  I like to enjoy what is around me.”  Do you see that the image here is more positive and still hangs on to your personal identity.  But it also gives you room to grow.

I hope this gives you some ideas on ways to move forward in different aspects of your life.  Just notice and work at changing your language.

Till next time,



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