Courage: noticing, acknowledging, and feeling it’s strength

Following a teleseminar by Lance Secretan, I used discussion of courage in a retreat exercise.  People formed small groups of three and shared a challenging experience from the past.  Only this time they were to share it noticing and acknowledging the courage they had in moving through the experience.

Following the exercise we discussed what happened.  Most expressed a feeling of empowerment.  Their perspective on the challenge changed because they saw it through the eyes of their courageous self.   How inspiring it was for me too.

Now as I look back on a few recent challenging events, I am tempted to allow a self perception that is less than empowering.  I can honestly feel a shift in my energy as soon as I choose to change my perception to one of courage.  I feel stronger within.  My confidence rises and I feel more grounded and capable.

Try this for yourself.  Can you feel a shift too? I would be interested in how that change feels to you.

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