Feed Your Soul

I know talking about feeding the soul has meaning when the words to describe it do not feel adequate.  Soul nourishment is not a mind thing where you search for a goal or a strategy.

Soul nourishment is a deep sensation felt in and around the heart that feels strongly connected to a sense of awe and wonder. Sometimes it is connected with doing.  Often it is connected with a heightened awareness of something that you hear or see or feel.  It is beautiful. While it very well may result in achievement and high performance, that is not its purpose or aim.  Is it authenticity?  Perhaps.  Is it spiritual?  I am not sure.  Sometimes it feels very spiritual and sometimes it doesn’t.  It is absolutely not the same for everyone;  it is not necessarily the same today as tomorrow.

For me?  some forms of drawing, feeling strongly connected to music, being in the middle of spirited voices, writing some poetry … sometimes.  Being in nature.  Talking with the trees.

Feed your soul.  It is the foundation of who you are and needs to be tended and loved.

May I offer you some beautiful words written by Piero Ferrucci in Beauty and the Soul:

“When the beauty of the soul is seen, it is invariably considered to be the true identity of the person.  It is not an extra layer, an exterior ornament, a chance phenomenon.  This beauty, the moment it is perceived, is taken to be the real thing… And when people are seen for who they are, they feel affirmed.”

Nourish your soul so that it grows, shines brightly and lovingly identifies who you are.

Ferrucci then discusses how psychotherapy can sometimes focus on what is wrong rather than on a person’s strengths. And I add, how we often do that to ourselves, focussing on what is wrong, becoming aware of our shortcomings.  Instead let us look inwardly at our beauty, at our strengths, at what we might hold preciously within and be afraid to share but is actually more the truth of who we are.

Feed your soul!

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