Beautiful Day

The sun is shining and the weather forecast tells us we will be warming up this week.  I think I may have heard a cardinal yesterday but … perhaps not.  My imagination may be playing games with me.

Many people in our city have been struggling with frozen water lines.  How precious water has become.  Sometimes we don’t prize something until it is gone or at least scarce.  Ordinarily we are so blessed with water all around us.  The late Dr Jowhar once shared with me a situation in his native Somalia when they had to decide how to best use a teaspoon of water.  Watering the plants was not highest on the list.

The sun will warm the earth and the pipes will gradually thaw.  Water will flow once more as a new sign of spring.  One we have not been used to counting.  I love how things about us change.  Spring announces growth and warmth, birds and flowers.   Ah-h-h-h-h


Till next time.


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