Sparking Your Enthusiasm

It’s Friday August 21st — the start of Summerfolk weekend here in Owen Sound.  I am invigorated within, harbouring a sense of impending purposeful fall activity that sparks my enthusiasm and brightens my soul.  Those words feel good to me and I want to share them with you.  I feel inspired and want to share that with others.

The world in my small city is bursting with community spirit.  Perhaps it is the 40th celebration of Summerfolk, you might think.  But I know it is more than that. There is a bigger story emerging here.  Not even two weeks ago, 9 fires were lit by arsonists for no apparent reason (so far known) displacing 41 people from their homes, most losing everything they owned.  These were not people with a lot of money and several had no insurance coverage.  This was not in the higher end neighbourhoods.  “Why?” everyone asks. The affected people and in fact the entire city and surroundings were left in shock, fear and confusion.  There were many heroes.  Everyone got out without injury and ten had minor smoke inhalation problems which were treated.  The culprits were seen through the video surveillance of one of the properties where they ineffectively lit a bush on fire.  They were arrested within three days.

But our community did not stop with the arrest of the three alleged arsonists.   The news of their bail hearings is almost overwhelmed by the news of continuing fundraisers and donors. I love how the positive is almost overriding the negative. The United Way has already received over $200,000 to help the fire victims reestablish homes, belongings and life following the fire.  As soon as the day following the fires, the local Canadian Mental Health Association provided the service of reestablishing each person’s ID papers.  The fire victims were forced to run from their homes with wearing only pajamas, often barefoot with no time to grab even a purse or wallet but they were safe.

The why question is still not answered. I invite you to go to this link and read what Kelly Babcock has written.  The affected people are already in temporary quarters and out of motels.  They will be in their own rented apartment in early fall. I feel proud to be part of this community. We are all learning how good it feels to be able to help others. I have a feeling that this spirit will be present at Summerfolk too.  It just will.

Summerfolk is likely to be rain-less this year.  Hooray!! Though weather predictions are increasingly imperfect with climate change, this one looks very promising.  Cool but no rain.  It will be good.

Summer busyness increases at this time.  The week before Labour Day long weekend marks “Salmon Spectacular”.  Another group of people will arrive with their boats to fill the otherwise almost empty Bay.  The night view will show hundreds of lights out on the water as dedicated fisher-people attempt to catch the prize fish.  Meanwhile on the shore a massive tent will house nightly rockin’ entertainment.

All this nudges me to start bringing my fall programs to fruition — some for my learning, and some for my sharing.  I love it.  My heart sings with this kind of activity, like it is what I am hear for — to learn and to share and sometimes they seem to occur simultaneously.  I feel inspired and I love opportunities to guide the inspiration of others.

For my own learning I will refresh my knowledge and skills related to Leadership development as I create a leadership mentoring program combining the work of Lance Secretan ( and Reiki.  I will retake Lance’s coaching course through teleseminar and I will look for another Reiki class.  I have already begun offering this program on an individual basis.  I will continue to develop it using Lance’s work as well as my own research in graduate school as the foundation I will interlace it with Reiki to help people release old patterns and be open to finding their sense of self and purpose. Watch how that emerges.

The Spring retreat was very successful and so I am offering a similar retreat in October.  Retreats are one of my favourite way to guide people to their place of inner wisdom and their connection with Spirit.  I love being part of the growth and transformative process that so often occurs in retreat participants.  The participants are always just the right mix.  Yes I facilitate the process but there is also learning from each other and a wonderful supportive and safe environment to explore thoughts, dreams, patterns, and change.

In addition to the retreat, I also like to offer half day workshops:  Intentions for the New Year and Staying On Track.   For some the workshops are nudges to get back on track.  For others it is an opportunity to get at taste of my approach and perhaps at a later date becoem more involved in the growth opportunities I offer.  I am offering two different Friday morning workshops this Fall.  I will decide on a location soon.

Reiki has been a very positive element in helping me move past old patterns and blocks so I continue to offer Reiki classes.  Taking the first two levels of Reiki is an excellent opportunity to learn some valuable self care strategies.  There are underlying principles that can be applied in many situations and help you through conflict situations.  This year I am planning to also offer the Advanced Reiki Techniques and Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master course as long as I have at least two interested people.  I may also offer the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master class if there is interest.  I incorporate Reiki in all individual sessions I offer, in the workshops in a smaller way, in the retreat and in the mentoring programs.  You do not have to have taken Reiki classes to attend these.

I look forward to attending Nia classes again starting in September with Wendy Roman.  I took part in one of the days of Wendy’s Nia Retreat this past week.  Wendy is a beautiful soul in all that she does.  I invite you to check out Wendy’s web site and all that she offers.  I feel so fortunate to have such gems here in our area.

This blog has covered a lot of territory.  Take time and I hope you will refer to it again.

Till next time,


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