Moving Right Along

Closer to Retirement:

Time begins to pass more quickly.  Busyness takes over my life at times. Have I just tried to do everything possible to be sure I get it all in while I can?  Perhaps.  I am not sure that it matters why these things suddenly come to our awareness as we age.  It just does and here I am making decisions about where I want to expend my energy and what other things I wish to enjoy as I still have a wonderful life.

Reiki is definitely a keeper.   If you read what I have written on the pages of this site, you will get at least a bit of a sense of why Reiki stays while I am choosing to reduce a number of the other things I have managed to get caught up in over the years.  Enjoyable years and I don’t regret that busyness.  It gave me much enjoyment and fulfillment.  I am grateful to have had such opportunities.

So now, with a focus on Reiki, I offer you classes as well as Reiki Sessions for your wholistic wellbeing.

Reiki Classes

Reiki 1 and 2

I have some dates coming up very soon.  I will be also setting dates for Reiki 1 and 2 in May and November of 2016.  I will run the classes as long as I have 3 paying participants.  Check back here later for dates of those classes.


Reiki 1 ….. Wednesday Nov 25th … cost is $165 and includes manual.
Reiki 2 …. Wednesday Jan 6th … cost is $155…

If you do not have the manual, please add $30

Location: 294 Park St, Georgian Bluffs. About 1 KM west of KeppelSarawak School on 24th St West, turn left on Park. Fourth house on the right.

If you have already taken Reiki 1 from someone else in person (not on line), you can show me your Certificate and you may take Reiki 2 with me. I require three paid participants to run the program. As soon as I have three, I will ask for your payment. And I will work out how you will get the manual and workbook from me. You must register in advance. I will be offering both again in May 2016.

Both classes will begin at 8:50am. You will have received a workbook and the manual in advance. You will be required to complete the workbook and bring it to class. Your work represents 2 hours of the class. We will take a lunch break. Bring your own lunch and you may wish to go out for a walk in nature at that time. The program will end at 4:00pm.

Interested? email me at or call 519 371 1255.

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Classes

Yes I will be teaching the Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Course in late April 2016.
I am working with a small group of interested people now. If you are interested in possibly taking the Master Level course, please contact me. I would like to discuss the approach I take. Some people are unsure. That is fine. Let’s talk. I will be running a Prep course in January to help with your decision.  Interested? email me at or call 519 371 1255.

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