Happy Celebrations and Joyful New Year

marieToday, being the shortest day in the northern hemisphere and the longest one south of the equator, is surrounded by special holidays connected with love and spiritual celebrations. May this time be especially meaningful for you.  May you reflect with gratitude on what you have now and look forward to enough of what you want for the future.

It seems this year in particular has given us opportunity to reflect on what is enough for each of us, what is peace in the world and in our lives, and what can we hope for our children and grandchildren.  This reflection gives us the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with the source of all life, however we see that.

With this in mind, I wish you opportunities to be silent, to find what touches your heart and moves your soul, and the capacity to take action in a way that is right for you and all those concerned.

Happy Celebrations and a Joyful New Year!



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