Benefits of Using Symbols in Reiki

imageIt is not uncommon for Reiki novices to resist learning and/or using symbols in Reiki.  I remember feeling that way at first. Perhaps they feel awkward using symbols that come from a different colour.  Or perhaps they feel it should not be necessary when it is the intention and the Reiki energy itself that is most important.  It is in working with the symbols that I realize how they focus and intensify specific energy.  Notice the symbol of the heart in the photo taken by a retreat participant last year.  The symbol has a lot of significance for her.

Having had an upbringing in a Church and school, symbols were part of religious ceremonies.  Perhaps that affected my view.  I spent some time contemplating how we use symbols in several other ways in our western culture.   Weddings, for example, bring a variety of symbols into ceremonies and celebrations purposefully to focus and intensify the energy of the experience.  In Western culture, we have wedding dress, rings, bouquets, table centres, toasts, dance, and more.  The love of the couple is what is most important but there is something more powerful when meaningful symbols are added even in a simple way.

There are three symbols learned in the second level of Reiki.  When I use the power symbol, I feel the energy is stronger.  It feels like I am channeling such qualities as empowerment, inner strength, self confidence, and such through to the client.  Besides the energetic connection to CKR energy of the power symbol, there is also something happens in my mind/body connection that triggers a response as I picture and draw and say (even to myself) the name of the symbol.  When I use the symbol on my chakras or to clear the energy in a room I also sense it’s effects and the power of intention is strengthened.

Similarly, when I use the mental emotional symbol, I image and sense a cleansing of my mental emotional field.  My intension is far more focused whether I am using the symbol for me or for a client.

I will write more about the importance of using the symbols in Reiki in the next post.  As many of you know, the symbols are the focus in Reiki 2 classes.  I will be teaching Reiki 2 next Friday April 22nd in my home near Owen Sound.  I still have space for two more participants if you have already taken Reiki 1 and are interested.

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Namaste,  Marie


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