Reiki Enhances Peace and Harmony

IMG_2513I love how early spring floods us with apprehension that just maybe summer won’t happen this year.  Yet it is deeply held within every seed and bulb and root that its growth and beauty will emerge at the time it should.  Like the celebration of a debutant or a young girl celebrating her “quince” birthday, beauty blossoms all around us.  The weather this week has been phenomenal and I feel blessed.

There are symbols of growth and intentions being fulfilled.  Each seed seeks to fulfill its potential to grow.  When the conditions are right, when the soil is good and the air the correct temperature and there is sufficient moisture, the potential of each seed begins its journey to fulfillment.

We humans also have intentions within us.  We have a deep-seated intention to connect with the soul of all life and thus with the greatest power that created them.  We are often distracted by the yearnings of our ego.  I have had many times in my life where my desire to succeed or my wanting of a circumstance I feel has been lacking distracts me, teases me away from what is most important.  Even though I have become more self-aware and intend to raise my vibration to a higher conscious level, I am still thwarted by my personal agendas that get in the way.  When I talk with others, listen to life from their perspective, I find I am not the only one who experiences this.  My personal experience with Reiki has been a very positive one and yet still I forget to connect with Reiki energy.  When I forget it becomes noticeable in how I feel — a reminder I would like to not need.  But it brings me back.

I took the opportunity to redo Usui/Holy Fire Reiki l and ll in early June with Carolyn Musial in Buffalo.  She is a licenced Professional Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master with the International Centre for Reiki Training in which I am a professional member. The benefits of the Reiki symbols taught in Reiki ll was reinforced for me.  I discussed the power symbol in the last blog I wrote.  The other two symbols are equally important.  The Distance Symbol may confuse people by its name.  This symbol is actually a symbol holding the intention and capacity to connect us to everything around us. image I love that image.  It connects us through time and space.  It connects us to our clients here and now as well past and future.  I know I have only begun my relationship with this symbol.  The more I work with it, the more I sense its possibilities.  When we tap into higher energy everything is possible — including peace.

The mental emotional symbol is sometimes referred to as the harmony symbol.  Even as I write this I feel a shift within, feeling the energy in my heart area.  I feel peaceful.  When I feel more peaceful, I share that energy with those in my environment.  The intention of the symbol becomes my intention.

Reiki is a relaxing spiritual experience allowing me to connect with the Creator/God and with the earth.  Reiki has the intention of connecting people from all spiritual perspectives in a peaceful way.

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