Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Master Class, Nov 7-8-9

RMAproMemberLogo-2Why become a Reiki Master? 

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Perhaps you have been working with Reiki for a while and are looking for a deeper connection with the energy.  Or perhaps you feel ready o learn more advanced techniques to help your clients and yourself move closer to your life purpose.  Maybe you love teaching and having practiced Reiki for a while you want to begin sharing it with others.

My Reiki journey:

The first Reiki Master course I took led me to teaching several Reiki 1 and 11 courses.  It  put me in touch with several people who were caring, spiritual, reflective people who were open to Reiki energy.  I found it fulfilling to be able to guide them in a process that connected them more deeply to their personal  connection to the higher power, to what they know to be the healing power of God.

After several classes, I was asked if I would teach a Reiki Master class.  I searched within and didn’t feel quite ready.  What did I need?  What learning still was necessary for me to trust myself with this process?  Then I came across the reiki.org website, with its many resources, as well as its founder, author of most of the books and articles available on the site, and leader of the Licensed Professional Reiki Masters, William Lee Rand.  While the cost of taking a Reiki Master course was high, I knew the personal and spiritual benefits would be worth it. I went to Michigan and took the course.

And now:

I love teaching Reiki even more now and look forward to teaching a Reiki Master Course again in November.   If this is a path you feel called to take, I would be glad to talk with you on the phone, meet you for tea, and/or connect in another way to discuss your journey and how I may be of help.  If the November class seems a little too close, I will be teaching it again in 2017sometime.  May I help you prepare in whatever way suits you best?

The fee I ask for the course is $850 CAD for a three day intensive program.  It includes the manual.  I am willing to discuss divided payments spread over several months to make it more affordable for you. We can talk about it without your having to commit.  Just start reflecting on possibilities.

I can best be reached by email to start.  livingreiki@rogers.com is the best email for this.  Let’s just start talking about it a bit.  Maybe you would like to schedule a Reiki session with me to help you decide.

In  any case, just be with it.  Let the Reiki energy flow through you and ask for guidance.




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