Give Attention to What You Want To See More Of

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necklaceLet’s make a change.  Let’s be the change we want to create. Whenever we are tempted to share a Facebook message that gives attention to negative aspects of a person, a presidential candidate, a leader, a political party, a neighbour or family member,  let’s stop and give attention to what we would prefer to see.  Notice places, people, or situations, that demonstrate what we would love to see more of  and give it attention.

Compliment a behaviour you like. Describe the good things that surround you. Some individuals have taken to writing a brief message on a blog or social media site about what they love about the day.  I love the fall colours, how the sun peeks through an autumn sky, how some people smile so fully. Let’s take steps to treasure the good things our earth has to offer.   Constructive thinking notices the things that just don’t seem right and makes a point of doing something constructive to make it better.

I love this time of year.  I love how I feel enthusiastic about giving more order to my life.   I love how the Reiki I teach is attracting people ready to learn it. What do you love about your life? You can start by writing a comment below about things you notice around you that are constructive, beautiful, growing, or whatever appeals to you.  Share it so that as we all read it, we can share in your warm feelings.  Thank you for helping make a shift in the energy around us.

I look forward to reading your comments.  Warmly,


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