Reiki and its meaning in these times

It is a cool morning in Baños, Ecuador.  We are here for three weeks in February. Among other adventures, it gives me an opportunity for reflection.  I ponder meaning — again — something whose presence has nudged me since childhood.  

Now I ask myself what keeps me so connected with Reiki. I sit back from myself.  I ask my soul self what is it I am drawn to with Reiki. Why do I sense it’s major importance?

I reflect.  The world is troubled.   Do you agree?  There is much unrest both politically and environmentally. Do you find you can get easily trapped in discussing or sharing the negative stuff? Yet lingering in the shadow, while still knowing we need to acknowledge it, but lingering there — changes nothing.

I know personally I need to lift my spirit and raise my vibration in order to find the inner strength, wisdom and courage to act.

What action? I don’t know for sure yet. The action will be different for all of us. But I know Reiki helps me.

Reiki is a means of connecting with the highest of the high energies.  The energy itself is healing.  It is more than healing.  It can help us move forward. It helps us balance, feel grounded, find inner strength and love.

I love its inclusiveness.  First, I know that reiki is not the only way to find these things.  Oops! I don’t mean to sound preachy.  It’s just that in this time of divisiveness, I feel Reiki can support one’s connection to any religion and no religion.  It can be used with and most often taught to all races, all sexual preferences and orientations, any willing level of intelligence, any age.  I see it as a potential unifying force.

Reiki is spiritual.  It helps raise the vibration of the planet one individual at a time.

If you have any connection with Reiki, I am here to help you use it regularly to help you bring the essence of who you are to others with much love and light. The ripple effects will continue to be shared.  More ripples become waves of spiritual love, compassion and acceptance.  I see this as a means of using our inner strength and wisdom to bring peaceful action to a world we wish to enhance, to a planet we hope survives.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you connect with my reflections please tell me.  It inspires me to move forward with the teaching I am planning.  I hope to expand on this further.  

Reiki blessings, with love 💕 and Holy Fire 🔥


2 thoughts on “Reiki and its meaning in these times

  1. Ecuador, nice Marie!! I sincerely hope you are enjoying your time away from winter wonderland.
    I absolutely connect with your reflections, your emails inspire me everytime. It keeps the ripple effect in motion as it grows and grows. I believe once a person is connected with Reiki there is no turning back.
    I ask the highest power of energy for guidance so often in my work and personal life, noticing more people are struggling with the way life is, stress levels higher than I can remember even in young people.
    People reaching out as I try to guide them in a positive way knowing that with Reiki guidance I can. The ripple slowly turning into a wave further away from darkness, closer to light.
    Keep clicking that button in our brains to positive thoughts or no thoughts at all…. it requires inspiration.
    Thank you Marie for inspiring me and so many.

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