Managing What You Imagine

Another beautiful day.  While sitting at the computer, I can picture the outdoors around our home.  Ahhhh ….. Your thoughts are not necessarily formed in words and sentences.  In fact  a great deal of what we think comes in the form of images or pictures in our mind.

Our conscious mind can choose images.  For example if I ask you to picture a pink giraffe or a beach with palm trees, you can do that.  Some of you can picture colours better than others.  You can picture movement in those images and you can picture conversations too. Athletes are only one of many groups of people who use this type of visualization to practice and perfect their skills.

While you are capable of choosing the images in your mind, you also have automatic thoughts and images that happen without your conscious choice.  Many of these images are often associated with what we like to call our negative emotions.

When you are feeling bad, and are experiencing an emotion that is not pleasant.  Check within to see what thought or image you may be automatically creating that is giving you that feeling.  Is that something that you can change or modify or replace? Do you need some outside help working with that image?

Right now, choose an image of something you enjoy and have fun doing or being.  Enjoy the image.  Notice how good you feel.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Till next time,



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