A Space That Feels Sacred

I was enjoying a lovely long walk with a friend the other day and we somehow began talking about the need we have for a space we can call our own.  While there are many blessings to sharing a life and a home with a partner and/or children, often we miss having a space we feel is sacred.

A sacred space could be a separate room or office, or a corner of the room, or even a yoga mat on the floor; it could be a bathroom with a tub or shower, or a solo bedroom; or perhaps it is a sewing room, or art studio, or workshop.  It could even be a garden or trail or tree.    It is a place you can go to centre, ponder, reflect, pray, do your own energy rebalancing, connect with your spirit, meditate.

Ah yes, a place to meditate.  There are people who believe meditation is to be prescribed position for at least an hour.  While true for some, this is often limiting for others.  There are a variety of other forms of meditation that you can actually do throughout the day.  Carrying out any rather mundane task can be a meditation whether it is doing the dishes, ironing (if you still do that), sanding wood, painting a wall, walking, swimming.  When you are doing something that leads you to “being zoned out”,  just allow your mind to be quiet and set yourself up with an intention to meditate as you do it.

This being the case, your concept of sacred space can be expanded to the lawn (as you mow it) the kitchen (as you prepare a meal), the living room (as you vacuum), the bathroom (as you do whatever you wish to do in there).  It moves your focus from getting the task done, to feeling love and compassion as you do it.

How we feel is based on what we are thinking.  This being so, we can turn many activities into a meditation by beginning with that intention and our sacred space expands to fit the situation.

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