Reiki 1 Class (Shoden) 3 Friday mornings in late October

Reiki 1 (Shoden) Class

When: 3 Friday mornings from 9am till 1:00.   Oct 12, 19 and 26.

Where:  Her Wellness  925 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound

Cost:   Special price of $75. ($50 non refundable)  This will not be offered at this rate again. The cost  is usually $200, And it includes reading materials and a journal. 

(This will be the first time I will be teaching the Traditional format.  I know it will be at least as good as the past classes I have taught. However I want to ensure I have enough people to help me design the class well, use your feedback if you attend and create a very positive learning experience for students.)

To register please contact me at

You may send me the $75 by email banking.  The name for the first level is Shoden.

OR we can make other arrangements when you contact me.

I have already two registered and one more interested.  Maximum number is six unless I give special consideration to past students.  

This class is for you  if you have not taken a Reiki class before.  Perhaps you have experienced Reiki from a practitioner and would like to learn how to use it yourself.  Reiki can be very helpful in many ways and in this class, besides learning how to practice it, you will also learn about many ways it is possible to use it.  Continual practice is important in developing your sensitivity.

It may also be for you if you have taken Reiki classes and would like to experience this traditional reiki just to have a new and maybe even deeper perspective. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have been learning through the International House of Reiki and Frans Stiene. Those who complete the three sessions will receive a recognized certificate acknowledging their completion.  The class will focus on developing spiritual and mental focus by working with the Reiki precepts, as well as learning a daily routine for meditation and self-care, hands on healing you can use for family and friends, and you will receive Reiki blessings through attunements and reijus.

You will have some suggested reading before the course starts as well as meditation and practice homework between segments.  Following completion of the course, I will offer you a special discount on receiving sessions from me if you so wish over the next few months.   A reiki session usually costs $70 and I will charge you only $50 for any three sessions you choose to have prior to June 1st, 2019.

Reiki is a spiritually guided energy that is always within us and surrounding us but often hidden by the blankets of our life involvements and confusing thought processes.  When we allow the Reiki energy to be more prominent, our wholeness is more evident. A calmness begins to reveal itself.  Our true self begins to emerge and the relaxation allows our body, mind and emotions to heal itself in the way that is best at that moment in time.  We become increasingly more aware of our bright light within.

Reiki can be a means to self-care and spiritual growth. It is the spiritual nature of Reiki that inspires me most. It is a spirituality that is not connected to any religion but could be connected to all of them. It is also a spirituality that is not dependent on any preconceived concept of what God is or isn’t. One simply has to know that there is a force in the universe that is greater than us and is a creative energy.

I am now connected with the International House of Reiki and am designing my courses with guidance from Frans Stiene.  

Reiki 11 (Okuden) is an eight-hour course.  I will offer it in the spring at my usual rate. It is best to have had at least three months of practice with Reiki 1 and especially practice with the meditations, before taking Reiki 11.  Reiki 11 teaches you ways to strengthen the flow of Reiki energy.  In Reiki 11 you will also learn Distance Healing and some particular Reiki techniques and meditations to focus the energy in different ways.

I invite you to read other pages on my web site for more information.  The home page will give you more information about Reiki.  And browse through the other blog articles .

I look forward to hearing from you,
Marie Knapp

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