What I love about learning Reiki

It really never ends. The learning I mean. But I love how reading the Reiki books I have that were written by Frans Stiene and Bronwen reignites the Reiki flame within. Each reading brings a new depth of understanding.

The six precepts are foundational to Being Reiki. I highly recommend you review them at least twice a day. What is your personal experience as you say them out loud and embody them bit by bit? Do you notice any energetic shifts? any lifting of spirits? any change in perspective? any modified behaviours? Not all at once. Maybe not even in large amounts but just allow yourself to be the Reiki that lies within you. Allow and notice.

Breathe deeply into the Hara. Know that love surrounds you and lies within you. It is a love that requires nothing in return nor does it need to be earned. It simply is.

Just for today,

Do not bear anger,

Do not worry,

Be humble,

Be true to you way and your being,

Show compassion for self and others.

Till next time,


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