Be True to Your Way and Your Being

This Reiki Precept invites introspection and deep self awareness. Self awareness comes at a variety of levels. I find myself experiencing surprise levels when I least expect it.

I love Nia

This morning I was enjoying a Nia class with Wendy Roman of Rhythmwood. I felt my energy flowing more exuberantly as I moved to the music. And periodically a new insight popped into my mind. It surprised me. Would I allow it to stay or would its newness prompt me to let it flow through?

As the thought lingered, it became even more clear. Give it a try. Let your energy flow in whatever way it works best for you. Perhaps it is a walk in nature, or playing an instrument with abandon, of singing from deep within your heart, or meditating, or practicing Reiki or … there is no wrong answer here. Notice what pops into your mind without being asked.

If you were to be leaving this life soon, what would you wish you had spent more time doing because you love doing it so much? What would you wish you had spent time being because you love being it so much? Just for today, be true to your way and your being.

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One thought on “Be True to Your Way and Your Being

  1. Thanks Marie, Lots to think about there. Still trying to be at peace when I feel a need to do more, even of things I like to do. Perhaps prioritizing, and differentiating between like and love to do. Happy International Happiness Day.

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