May 24: Reiki Meditation and Learning Day

You may be unsure of what this is about. In April, Sheila Murphy and I attended a Reiki Retreat with Frans Stiene in Cincinnati. As always, the four days were filled with meditations, fun, laughter, enjoyable people and more. (Frans will be coming to Owen Sound in May 2020 but more about that in another post). That was the second time we have experienced Reiki with Frans and there are many relevant experiences we learned each time. Some of these I would love to share with you.

I look forward to seeing a lovely group of people. You only need to have the first level of Reiki to attend. Email me at with your questions and/or intent to participate.

Cost: $50.00 includes some materials. I have reduced the cost for the day, hoping that more will find it affordable. I suggest we go for lunch together, perhaps to the Bleeding Carrot, so we can build on the friendships we are sharing.

Where: Her Wellness, 925 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound

When: May 24, 9:30 till 3:00

In order to hold the room I have reserved at Her Wellness, I need to know that I have at least 5 paid-up registrants by Friday May 10th. Please let me know asap if you wish to go. I am happy to receive your $50 by E-Transfer. But let me know if you prefer another way.

Content for the day will flow in response to your needs and will likely include:

>experience the Reiki Precepts in a different way,

>feel the vibrations of chanting,

>learn about and practice sharing Reiki energy through your eyes, mouth and hands,

>share a sitting Reiki session with each other,

> share about your experience if you wish to share and journal if you wish to journal, and more.

Hope to see you soon,

Marie Knapp

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