Learning to Experience Oneness

The tree grows within the obstacle, taking root where it can. All is One.

Recently I became really aware that time is passing quickly and I had better get on with expressing those things that matter to me. So why this topic and, why now? It happened rather suddenly I believe. Or maybe not. Actually I think it has been going on for a while but the depth of it manifested as I witness the progression of dementia in my Mother who turns 99 on Tuesday June 11. This woman has been a strong and vivacious woman who has played a significant role in the lives of many, helping them through their life crises and their joyful moments. and now her capabilities have diminished.

I look at this with sadness but also with a sense that this could be me in twenty five years or less. I feel there are important things I wish to share and decided to take this opportunity to offer my perspectives through this blog site and its presence on Facebook, and Linked In.

I like to think of intellectual learning and experiential learning as two sides of the same coin. Your preference may be one or the other as a starting point but that is not important. The important part is knowing that the progression of the understanding and the experience is the synthesis of the two. They seek balance. In understanding Oneness, first one moves forward then as one hits a point of stuckness, the other needs to catch up and take it a bit further. To the degree that you allow, the unfolding continues to progress.

A drop of water in a body of water.

I am offering you some images that may contribute to either side and could hopefully guide you further into understanding it.

What if you knew you were a miniscule part of a magnificent whole that is connected in all ways … as one.

>like a tiny drop of water in an expansive sea

>or a tiny crumb in a delicious loaf of bread

>or a molecule of gas within a world of air

>or a spark of flame in a raging fire.

Would this help you grasp the concept of Oneness?

What if you knew that the air you breathed is the very same air that has been breathed by life forms long before humans existed. The air you breathe is the same air used by trees and plant life and animals and insects everywhere. The air you breathe into your lungs has been in the lungs of people anywhere, and circulating through their their blood stream and feeding their cells and energizing their lives. People of all ages, cultures, races, genders , faiths. All the labels we choose to categorize people by, judge them by, mean nothing to the air we and they breathe. We are all one. That we share humanity, and nature, and life on this planet means we share existence, vitality, love, fear, violence, starvation, joy, wonderment, problems and solutions.

Reflect on these thoughts. Walk in nature and experience oneness. Share your questions with me and I will do my best to answer them. Share your reflections with me and I will be glad to acknowledge them.

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