The Power of Kindness

I am excited about sharing some of the podcasts I made with Ryan Wiseman in 2011. I think you will find them interesting. This post contains the first podcast I am sharing with you.

I am launching an expanded website that will include podcasts and videos. I hope you watched my 3 minute video introducing the changes in the last blog.

The first podcast is a discussion of some of the content of a book I enjoyed reading called The Power of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci. Rereading it recently I became highly aware of how the content of this book could be very helpful for a person working on living the Reiki Precepts. I highly recommend this book for those of you who are studying Reiki. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of kindness. Pick up the book at any time and read whatever chapter connects with your current needs or reflections. Meanwhile have a listen to this podcast.

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I would like to give you a bit of history. Ryan and I somehow began a conversation related to the work each of us was doing at the time. I was doing some personal growth coaching work with clients, running retreats and workshops and working with Reiki. Ryan was getting more and more involved with creating media presentations of various kinds with people. That was the birth of A Well Future. At that time we had a web site by that name as well as email addresses reflecting the same.

Time passes and life happens. The plans we had somehow did not come to fruition then. At least not to the degree we had hoped. Recently I was going through things and serendipitously came across the podcasts. I listened to a few and was delighted to notice how well the content fits into the application of the Reiki Principles into life. They are interesting and useful. I feel they still have an important role to play.

Please note that this podcast will be added to the list of podcasts on my website as send them out in my blog. Feel free to share as you wish.

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