Inspired to be your true self

The learning curve needed for me to embed podcasts in a post is steeper than I had anticipated. I hope this time, the podcast is visible at the end. Thank you for your patience as we try once more.

Around the time I was retiring from leadership roles at Georgian College, I was also learning from and working with Lance Secretan (

I took the following description of Lance from his website:

“Dr. Lance Secretan is the world’s top authority on inspirational leadership, a trailblazing teacher, advisor and expert on corporate culture, whose bestselling books, inspirational talks,and life-changing retreats have touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He is the author of 21 books about leadership, inspiration, corporate culture and entrepreneurship as well as an award-winning memoir, A Love Story. His latest book is The Bellwether Effect. Lance is a riveting speaker and is acknowledged globally as one of our most insightful and original leadership teachers.”

Following 9/11 his work in the USA took an abrupt turn and my beginning work with him diminished. However before that occurred I did have the opportunity to learn from several Secretan retreats, and work with Steve Robinson to host and help manage a Secretan Retreat at the Kempenfelt Centre of Georgian College in Barrie. I also had the opportunity to help facilitate focus groups in the Hospital in Littleton Colorado where the victims of the Columbine high school massacre had been taken only two or three years previous. Lance and his team were working with the senior administration there to replenish and build a caring workplace. Working with the Secretan people was very inspiring and very much a learning environment.

I had read most of Lance’s books by then and had heard him speak several times so I reviewed his book with enthusiasm and found it to be an excellent synthesis of all he had previously taught and spoken about. It was this book, published in 2010 that inspired the podcast below. I chose to discuss a part of the book that is of particular interest to those looking for meaning and a way of being that is true to themselves. Click on this link to hear the podcast.

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