Intentions for Self Healing

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Self healing in nature. My Intention: being one with nature

What a beautiful day it is today! A day when we can walk outside easily and open our hearts to nature. Last evening I listened to part of a video I had heard before. One taped when Frans Stiene was in Cincinnati last spring. There are many pieces to that fairly long video that have meaning for me but one in particular that I want to share with you today. He spoke about intention… (keep reading)

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As he often does, Frans was referring to our own self healing. He asks. “What is my intent? What is the reason I am am doing this practice? Do I really want to heal myself? Do I really want to go inside?” These are deep and important questions that ask us to be very self aware. He compares an intent for healing in the knee, to an intent to embody the precepts. So for example if the focus and intent of a healing is healing the knee, the knee pain dissipates but the emotional healing connected to embodying the precepts have not been affected. The reverse is also true. Frans asks us to examine our intent. What do we really want and how far do we want to go?

As I reflected on this, I recognized the inner work that is part of this process. Really determining for ourselves what is our real intent takes time and effort. Perhaps we need to explore this with a therapist. I have done this with different therapists at different times and have found it tremendously helpful. The right therapist is knowledgeable not only in the essence of therapy and its professional requirements, but for me I want someone who also has a knowledge of energy flow and deeper spiritual (not religious) concepts. It seems less like therapy and more like personal growth work.

I would like to leave this with you to ponder. As you do self healing with Reiki, ask yourself about your real inner intention. This may prompt many questions and if you want to ask me, please feel free to email me at

More important information:

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  3. Don’t forget to have a good look at the courses Frans Stiene will be offering in Owen Sound next May 2020. Having him here is an amazing opportunity for people. For more information click here .
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  5. And last but not least, if you have already done at least the first level of Reiki and would like to join our Reiki Practice Group, please email me.

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