Paddling Through Life

It was a weekend amply filled with reflective opportunities, especially paddling on the water. It seems the water teaches me many life lessons whenever I am open to it.

There are different strokes for different situations when paddling a canoe.

Paddling on a lake is much like paddling through life. Some times the water is warm and its calmness brings on a sense of awe and wonder. But that is not every day. Sometimes there are choppy waves, or rolling waves, or conflicting waves. Water is like that. Sometimes big storms come up quickly and unexpectedly. It could happen while you are on the water. It could happen when you are on the shore hoping to paddle to the next destination and frustrated that you cannot move forward yet. But all that will pass and in another day or hour, things can calm down.

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Waiting for the waters to still and the clouds pass requires patience and knowledge.

Much like life, the best way to enjoy paddling is to be prepared and knowledgeable. It is important to learn the skills needed to handle rough waters. It is best to know when to stay put and wait out the storm. And you must be prepared for a sudden wave that tips the boat. You wear a life jacket and you have dry clothes easily accessible. You may even have to know how to get back in an overturned canoe should that unfortunate event occur.

Paddling only where it is easy with no obstacles or challenges, means you are not really canoeing.

The adventures afforded you by learning how to paddle and some skills to deal with difficult situations makes the experience more meaningful. If you happened to miss the metaphorical opportunity of comparing paddling on a lake to paddling through life, just reread it and catch the learning.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to work on my web site. I would love your feedback on the layout and how it appears on whatever devise you use. So far I have worked on the home page and “About Reiki“. I have changed the layout as well as the content of both pages

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