What we notice in others teaches us about ourselves

What is it about our human nature that prompts us to want to critique others. Some people feel compelled to share their critique out loud while others feel it and hold it within. What is all this?

Years of watching and learning from others , whether or not it was their intent to teach me or not, tells me one thing for sure. We all have things we favour about ourselves and things that we try to hide but stress and anger push them out of us. Sometimes we don’t even notice it. But others do.

Meditating on the Reiki Precepts, especially the first two, really helps me reduce the outburst of snappy retorts that are not particularly loving. But wait. There is so much we can learn about ourselves in watching others. Our awareness of what we really don’t like about a person, gives us a huge clue about what we could work on in our deeper selves.

I expand more on this in the podcast below. Click on the link to listen to the 20 minute audio about projection. Some people refer to it as our “shadow”.

About Projection

If you are interested in more on this topic, send me an email marie@marieknapp.com with your specific questions.

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