What We Think Matters

My interest in how what we think really matters began many years ago.  It was brought more to the forefront when I started teaching Nursing and again after I began my graduate studies journey at OISE.  I feel we have only just begun to tap the capabilities of our thoughts as the starting place for what comes next.  I think you will find the booklet I wrote helpful as a starting place for being more aware of the thoughts and beliefs underlying much of your life journey.  Perhaps it will inspire you to read more deeply into this topic.  Or at least become more aware of what deeper thoughts are guiding your life.

Make Today The Best It Can Be Is a booklet (click on it to download) that was first written about eight years ago and revised in September 2019. This new version has more personal stories as well as some references to Reiki precepts. Feel free to save this PDF in your iBooks or any other place and/or print it off to read any place any time.

Have you had time to browse the web site to see the growing number of Resources available for you there free?  I hope you will check it out. 

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