The Fourth Precept: Being true to your way and your being

Recently I experienced another inspiring awareness. Will you walk along with me as I explain how this evolved?

I was in a circle with a small spiritual group of friends one morning. As we often do, we selected a card. I led the meditative introduction to selecting a card and used the intention similar to the one we often use in Reiki sessions and Reijus. I suggested that we ask for guidance in selecting the card that could provide us with what we need most at this exact moment in our lives.

The card I selected suggested that music could increase my manifestation powers. Right away I became a skeptic. Manifesting is such an overused word and conjures up the notion of wanting things … more things… or achievements… more achievements. But I was open to learning. When it was my turn to discuss, we had a very insightful discussion on the word manifest. Since we all came from the health care world, we went back to what manifesting had meant to us then. One person reminded us that we spoke of symptoms as a manifestation of an illness. Or in other words, the symptoms were an outer manifestation of what was happening within. WOW! The light went on. I have been processing this more and more each hour.

Moving to music can be meditative.
Picture from a Retreat I led about eight or more years ago. Wendy was leading us in Nia.

Getting back to my “card” saying that music could help me with manifestation I now reinterpret that. I love music!. I love moving to music. In fact I enjoy going to a Nia class which is just that. I love Nia. Music helps me manifest outwardly what is going on within. An interesting concept that sheds new light on many things.

Now I am finding myself feeling music within me as I say the Reiki precepts. For me this is helping me to embody them. And as I move with Nia, I notice the flow of energy into the hara.

Be true to yourself and your way. This journey I am describing is not meant to be prescriptive. This is about me being Reiki by being true to myself. Being Reiki is something coming from within me.

With this new awareness in mind, I am now starting to also practice the meditation Hatsurei Ho while standing and moving soulfully with the music. More about this on another blog. If you decide this is something you would like to try, pick the music that moves you and that you already feel within you.

Wendy Roman, my long time friend and deeply moving Nia teacher also has learned Soul Dancing and offers a workshop she calls Soul Journey: dance of the Feminine Spirit. Hmmmm.

I hope you will comment on this as you experiment with music and meditation in a new way. I look forward to hearing from you.

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