This thing called Reiki

It is the spiritual nature of Reiki that inspires me most. It is a spirituality that is not connected to any religion but could be connected to most of them. It is also a spirituality that is not dependent on any preconceived concept of what God is or isn’t. One simply has to know that there is an energetic force in the universe that is greater than us and is a creative energy. No dogma. Beautiful.

Reiki is everywhere. We all have it within us. In fact, we are Reiki energy. It is in everything all around us. In fact, everything around us is Reiki. The space around us and throughout the universe is also Reiki energy. And to be honest, you can name it whatever you like. If your philosophy or religion wishes to call that God or universe or holy spirit, it does not matter at all. But for simplicity’s sake, let’s always refer to it as Reiki here.

The system of reiki is actually what we do as we incorporate Reiki into our lives and ways of being. We tend to call that Reiki but in fact, that is the system of Reiki.

When I am offering a Reiki session, I feel the Reiki energy that is within me, in fact within all of us.  It is like I am sitting or standing within it and it is everywhere around me and in me.  To me, this is “Being Reiki”

That Reiki presence is always there but it may be clouded over by distractions in life. As I prepare for the system of Reiki, I consciously remove those distractions.

That is what the Precepts do too. The Reiki Precepts are like signposts guiding us along the path to finding the Reiki within. Frans and others like to call it our True Self. I like that. It feels right for me.

There are many different approaches to reiki and the system of reiki. Not all Reiki Practitioners would explain it as I do.  It depends not only on how they were taught but also on their own background and life experience.  

I have found Reiki to be incredibly useful for me in raising limiting beliefs to my awareness.  It gives me the opportunity to work with these beliefs and release them one by one.  The growth I experience is positive even though the process may at first be a little troubling. It is essential that a Reiki Practitioner continue to use Reiki for self care.  And it is likewise useful for any person on  a personal growth path as it assists their process. 

Traditional Reiki is the term to describe the teachings underpinning Reiki as taught and experienced by Macao Usui Sensei. It is an attempt to return to the deeper meaning of the System of Reiki as it was originally intended. There is a tendency for that to be happening in other modalities too. I have recently heard someone say that there are Yoga teachers also moving away from the Westernized version of Yoga to the tradition from which it came. Traditional Reiki is doing that too. I acknowledge and value any lineage of Reiki Practice, and in fact I have taught it for a few years prior to shifting to the more traditional version. However, I currently am practicing the Traditional Reiki and I like how that feels for me.

Frans Stiene has been my most recent teacher for almost two years now and will be teaching a three day Shinpiden (Reiki Master) course for anyone who has taken Usui Reiki Level 2 in any lineage in person. This will be followed by a Reiki Play Day for anyone who has taken any level of Usui Reiki in person.  Read on to learn more about why we find this Reiki message so important.

To learn about Frans Stiene’s visit to Owen Sound in May 2020, click here.

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