My Last Class

It is not because I don’t love Reiki or that I don’t love teaching Reiki, that I have decided to close the business side of my Reiki practice over the year 2020.  I suppose it is basically an age factor.  I would prefer not to have to spend as much time on the business side of things and on the computer. I prefer to spend more time with Reiki itself, its meditations and self practice and actually the Reiki way of being in life. 

Life is short and it seems shorter as the years add on. Life is something to be treasured.  

I hope to continue in a mentor role, helping those whom I have taught with their practice and perhaps their teaching.  I will still offer the Reiki Shares and the Reiki newsletter. 

Reiki 11 (Okuden) is the last class

The last class I will teach is an Okuden  eight hour class to give those who have taken Shoden the opportunity to take the second level before I close my teaching practice.  If you are interested in taking more Reiki Classes, I am happy to refer you to Sheila Murphy.

My classes focus on developing spiritual and mental focus by working with the precepts, as well as learning a daily routine for meditation and self-care, hands on healing you can use for family and friends, and you will receive Reiki blessings through attunements and reijus.

You must have taken the first level from someone in-person in order to take the second level. If you have not taken the first level as traditional Reiki, I will send you some suggested reading and meditation practice to prepare. 

The Okuden course will be offered two afternoons 

January 23 and 24,   12:30 to 4:30 

Cost is $190. 

$90 for those who have taken the second level with me before I switched from Holy Fire to this Traditional form.

$155 if you have taken the second level elsewhere in the western style of Reiki

  Please contact me if you need more information.

It is best to have had at least three months of practicing Reiki 1 meditations, and some hands-on healing with family and/or friends before taking Reiki 11 if that is possible.  Okuden (Reiki 11) teaches you ways to strengthen the flow of Reiki energy using three symbols and mantras.  In Okuden you will also learn Distant Healing and some particular Reiki techniques and meditations to focus the energy in different ways.

Taking Reiki classes a second time is not necessary even if it has been years since previous classes occurred.  However, I have found personally that taking repeats with different teachers is beneficial. 

Don’t forget to read more about the classes Frans Stiene will be teaching in May here in Owen Sound. Click here to learn more about it. I will be retaking the class with Frans because I gain so much from it.

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