The World Has Changed

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Remember back in January? It was a different world back then. We were busy with long to-do lists, perhaps complaining about the weather or trying to accomplish new goals for the year while time pressures were getting in the way. Some of you may still be under a lot of pressure with the added stress of protecting yourself from the virus as you work. To be honest, I am having trouble remembering what it was I was worrying about back then. It was a different world.

Now, today, we are talking about when and how our community will begin to open up again. Some communities are still having growing numbers of cases and are hesitant. Others have not been affected and wonder when we may have more freedom. There are different ways we have all been affected. We each have different concerns each day.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I have decided to expand the nature of this website. You may notice I am now calling it Living Well. I will be including more information related to many different aspects of our wellness as whole beings.

I don’t pretend to be clear on what this will look like. I will let it evolve. Please bare with me as I move information around, change the menu and begin to include several important aspects of being well. Reiki is still there. Reiki will still have a place under one menu option.

If there is a particular topic related to being well, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, especially through this crisis, please let me know. I will also see if I can ask some experts to respond and share it with you.

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