Change as an opportunity for growth

Change is a life experience affecting all of us at different times and in different ways. For some it is quick; for others it is drawn out. Sometimes we look forward to change. At other times change can be hard to accept.

Any kind of change is likely to spark some conflict or turmoil in your values. While this is not always readily visible to you, you may wish to identify your priority values as they have recently been and how they may be shifting.
How to approach that shift takes time, courage and allowing. Thinking too much gets us muddled.  I always find that nature offers us some insightful moments when new perspectives come to light.  Also, meditation,  asking for guidance from your source or higher power, journalling and other such reflective processes may be helpful.
As you move through change, whether initiated by a trauma, health issues, loss or addition to your family or workload, you will be leaving something behind and there is grieving involved.  It is all a part of moving forward.

Have a look at this Retreat: Moving Through Change weekend of Oct 20-21.  It could be of value to you.

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