Living with Meaning

Three blogs back. I reflected on Life’s Purpose.   Having even an unclear sense of what it is I seem to be here to learn and to offer to the world is helpful in guiding intentions for some time ahead.

In the next blog, I expressed the importance of reflecting on how you want to be in order to live out that meaningful life.  What qualities are important to hold as you live that purpose.

Living life with meaning implies more than mind reflections.  As soon as we talk about living, there is an implied action.  But it is often not the action itself that is meaningful but rather how we are being while carrying out that action.  When we are aligned, we are  being what we hope to be while doing something that is connected with our life purpose.  I would like to once again refer to Secretan’s discussion of Destiny, Character and Calling.  His view is only slightly different from mine and I am grateful to him for the concept of the three components.

The doing part changes depending on life circumstances.  For example being unemployed or perhaps retired does not mean that you stop living out your purpose and way of being.  It is only the doing part that changes.

Many of you have been in the midst of making life changes.  Sometimes by your choice and sometimes not.  Think about how you are still living your life meaningfully, within your life’s purpose, but doing it differently.

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