Therapeutic Touch: Why I like it

Therapeutic Touch TM is another energy modality offered for the purpose of enhancing the ability of the body to heal itself.  The process is meant to “re-pattern their energy field toward wholeness and health”.   Basically through a series of hand movements around the person and sometimes touching the person, the practitioner assists the flow of energy and helps to rebalance it.

Does the person have to be lying down?

No.  In fact it can be done anywhere.  The person can be sitting, or standing or lying.  As with other energy modalities, the person does not have to remove clothing either.    It may take anywhere for a few minutes to a half hour to complete although we ask the person to sit or lie quietly for at least 15 minutes following the session as the energy continues to move and rebalance after the practitioner has finished.

What would a Therapeutic Touch TM session look like?

First of all let me explain that I follow the initial assessment recommended by the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association prior to Therapeutic Touch TM .

I have usually started the session with some talk time in order to know better what the person is facing along life’s path.  I also ask if there is any particular area of concern, any pain or discomfort they may be feeling.  Together we come up with an intention to incorporate into the Therapeutic Touch TM experience.

Before we begin Therapeutic Touch TM  session itself, I explain what I will be doing to the person.  I let them know the cues I will give for starting and finishing, where I might touch if I have their permission, and invite them to let me know if they experience anything uncomfortable or for any reason want me to stop.

I move away from the person, centre myself so that my attention is given solely to the person, and then signal that I am starting and begin with a hand scan to feel where the energy is over abundant or deficient, or unbalanced.

I don’t see energy fields but as my experience with energy increases, I am learning to trust my intuitive senses more.  That frees me up to allow me to follow what comes to me. The time it takes to balance the field depends on the person and the situation.

Once I feel that the field is balanced and the energy grounded, I signal that I am finished and ask the person to sit quietly for 15 minutes.

What kind of results do you see?

Initially I see relaxation.  It is not uncommon for the person to fall asleep following a session.  This state is one where healing is happening.  There has been a lot of research done related to Therapeutic Touch TM .   I invite you to go to the website for the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario and click on Research to have access to a bibliography of research articles.

Where is Therapeutic Touch TM done?

Therapeutic TouchTM is an energy modality that is currently being accepted in several areas of health care in Ontario.  The College of Nurses of Ontario, while recognizing complementary therapies as falling within the scope of practice of nurses, does insist that the employer must agree to its use within that agency.  Of course, as with all complementary therapies, the client is also to give consent.

Currently I hear that Therapeutic Touch TM is being practiced in some hospitals in Toronto (such as Saint Michael’s and Sick Kids) as well as in Hospice Palliative Care Programs, Nursing and Retirement Homes, and Long Term Care facilities.

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