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Our energy field is certainly an area of study that intrigues me and inspires me to learn more.  If the term energy is confusing to you, think of it in terms of the presence you bring to a situation, or perhaps the mood that surrounds you or the difficult to describe awareness you have of sometimes feeling uplifted and sometimes feeling low in spirits.

Having studied about the subtle energies through the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association (CHNA), I have become aware of the work of Martha Rogers who was a PhD Nurse decades ahead of her time and now deceased.  Rogers had a view of our energy fields that the CHNA uses as the underpinnings of the courses taught and the Standards of Holistic Nursing Practice visible on the CHNA web site (

Martha Rogers was brilliant, well-educated and came from a family of educated people.  While her theory is not scientifically based (no theories are) her strong academic background lends credibility to her writing.  She was born in 1914 in Texas and graduated from the Knoxville General Hospital School of Nursing in 1936.  She went on to graduate in Public Health Nursing in 1937 and Teachers College at Columbia University in 1945.  She attained a Masters in Public health from Johns Hopkins University in 1952 and a Doctorate from the same place in 1954.  Rogers died in 1994.

Rogers describes energy fields as the fundamental unit of everything. To me this means that even though we are unique in our energy fields, we can’t really be separated from the energy in the environment around us.  It explains the power of the culture on our personal growth and learning.

Rogers sees our personal energy field is constantly exchanging energy with the environmental field.  Since this is happening with everyone in the area, then we can see how our personal energy can be affected by the energy of those in our presence.  We know that we can help a person who is feeling stressed and scattered but deliberately centering our own personal energy and offering a connection with the other to help them settle their own energy field.

At the same time, a scattered or overly exuberant person can disrupt the energy of people in the room if the others do not consciously “hold their ground” (Interesting expressions we use)

Energy fields are vibrations.  There are patterns in the energy fields.  Some people suggest that this is how music and the vibrations within it affect our moods.  Vibration is an energy too.  Could this be why some vibrations such as that coming from wind turbines, can negatively impact the energy field of some people making them feel sick?  I don’t know the answer to this.

Working with energy is timeless and spaceless.  Can we even begin to grasp what this means?  Those who work with guided imagery, visualization, hypnosis, prayer, meditation, may have some concept of how these things are difficult to describe in words but definitely exist as a sense of awareness in some way.

According to Rogers, we are really at one with our environment.  We evolve together in a process that is somehow mutually connected.  We are not as disconnected from what is around us as some people would like to think.  we are individuals but not totally separate.  Compassion could be an example of interconnectedness.

It is interesting how we seem to always want to move toward a state of wholeness and harmony.  Our energy patterns do get disrupted and disorganized but we are inclined to make that better.  We choose different ways to make that happen.  For some it is activity and physical movement.  For others it is through music and art, or writing or walking in nature.

It also seems that we are continually learning new things, having new experiences and integrating them into our energy fields, rebalancing and reharmonizing our fields till we find a place of comfort.  We sometimes need help with the rebalancing.  Sometimes the external factors would be perceived as negative events, illness, conflict and such.  Stuckness with the field can lead to physical illness but getting help with rebalancing can help the body reach a place of energy flow that brings more peace, and an openness to new perspectives and healing.

As I continue to learn more about this, I will write more about it.  I want mostly to share my enthusiasm for this field of study and encourage anyone who wishes to learn more to continue reading.

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