Staying On Track … Workshop Changes June 21st

Staying On Track

When: Friday June 21st 9:00 till 12:30 (with a half-hour break midway)

Where: Great Books and Cafe at the Williamsford Mill                                             (23 Km south of Owen Sound)

Cost: $25 if you pay before June 16th … after that it becomes $35

What is the workshop about?

In this workshop, we will discuss strategies for moving forward with some of your goals or your direction.  You will identify and work with some of your obstacles and distractors that may be keeping you from reaching what you want.

I am offering this half-day workshop using as part of its framework an article written by Dr Janet Lapp. Jan leads us to have inner dialogues to determine our fear, to identify the “shiny objects” that distract us and to refocus and get back on track. You may be interested in Dr Janet’s web site at

Throughout I will respect your privacy so no one will be pushed to discuss openly something that they feel is provate. I am willing, however, to spend some time over lunch with individuals who would like some individual guidance.

Life is like a river

Recently while talking with a friend we came to an interesting anology of life being like a river or a stream. sometimes streams are more comfortable to image. We were sharing some life examples of how you can’t just sit back and go with the flow in life totally or it can be an excuse for not making choices. Sometimes it is an excuse for being stuck. But the stuckness is made OK because one uses terms like”I am waiting for what comes to me” or “God will tell me in time”. Or simply “I am just going with the flow”.

There are choice points along the stream of life. You need to pick your stream then go with the flow. but choose your stream or direction first. You might consider a kayaker in fast moving white water a risk taker. You may view it that way because if it were you, it would be a great risk. Kayaking is about going with the flow. This means using the flow of the river to help you get through. But you do need skill and caution through the rough spots. just like life.

The good kayaker knows when to back paddle to slow herself down. She knows how to get off into an eddy to take a rest or to get out on shore and look at what’s ahead. To decide whether or not a portage is necessary because the outcome woul dbe “unforgiving” if even a little error were made. It is knowledge and skill that allows the kayaker to take what others may call a big risk. The kayaker must be self aware, know their abilities as well as their limitations.

How are you progressing?

Do you have something you have been planning to do, as you “kayak down life’s river”? Something you may have set up as a direction for yourself, so you have chosen your stream or river. are you letting the waters take you to dangerous places getting stuck on rocks, or have you been diverted by a view that keeps you camped along the shore and not going anywhere? Are you well on the way to your stopping point, or has a bit of hesitation kicked in, or something else grabbing your attention? It doesn’t matter what you call it.

Dr Janet advises us to, “Uncover what you’re avoiding.” and gives an example of a writer asking “What’s happening that is making me divert? Fear. Fear of what? Being a failure. A failure at what? Writing, expressing useful ideas. Then what? Then I will feel useless and be judged.” She guides us to “Get to the bottom.”

More about the workshop

The location will be at the Williamsford Bookstore again. The doors will open at 8:30am so you can venture in, register, buy a coffee and a nibble, and/or just reconnect with people or meet new ones.

I will begin at 9:00 sharp. We will have a half hour break in the middle to browse and visit and take in the surroundings.  We will finish at about 12:30. The cafe is a lovely place to have lunch so you may wish to come with a friend or meet new firends and buy lunch there after.

I hope to hear from you.

To Register contact me by email at or phone at 519 371 1255.  We will arrange payment through email banking (preferable), PayPal or a personal cheque.  I need 8 people to run this workshop and would like to limit it to 14 people maximum so that I can give more attention to individuals.

Thank you for spreading the word and passing this along to friends.

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