Changing Old Habits is Tough Work

I awaken to sunshine and birds singing. The house may have a bit of a chill but I am not DSCF4080cold so getting out of bed does not pose the same challenge that it does in the winter. The view out the window is uplifting. Shrubs bursting in pinks and mauves. Each tree bearing multi shades of spring green. Growth abounds. It inspires me.

I breath deeply and quicken my pace to morning activities.We are getting closer to the summer solstice.  Time moves quickly in this voluptuous season.  I spend more time with friends going for walks and enjoying the outdoors.  I love it.  At the same time as I add more activities of a variety of sorts to my list for any one day, I still have some important items I want to move forward with … my long-term direction related to my health, my personal growth, the specific ways I can help others through teaching and healing.  Sometimes I get sidetracked …  by things I enjoy, by shorter term achievements, by life itself.

I wonder at the variety of choices I make each day.  While they don’t always feel like choices, I have control over them … when I think about it … when I am aware.  But how much of my day is passed in automatic pilot.  I pay attention to what I am eating, but not when I stuff my mouth with a sweet or salty snack.  What guides my actions when even though I know how I want to act, what I don’t or do want to do,  even what thoughts I want to hold,  I seem to totally ignore them and act as though I have two completely separate parts.  And I don’t!

Changing old habits is tough work.  It requires not only determination, but a lot more thought and diligence.  How does the action even begin?  How does a person make a change in well-practiced habits?  The term being in a rut may be the best image.  Each action happens because it has always happened that way.  Continually doing something in a certain way or thinking about something in a specific way creates something that is much like a rut in your neuropathways .  When you put your foot on the gas, you go to the rut you have created because that is the easiest way to go.

You may find it helpful to simply notice the ruts you are in.  Pay attention to what you think and do that is simply how you have always thought or done it.  Is there something different that might work better for you?

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In the meantime, just take the time to notice your own feelings, thoughts and actions.  Awareness comes first,  Then noticing is the next step.

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