Being Grounded Is Part of Self Care

Of course it is very important for everyone to care for themselves.  One of the Reiki Precepts is “Show compassion for yourself and for others”  Did  you know that it is really only to the extent that you care for your self that you are able to care for others.  This is true not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too.

A large part of your self care is remembering to be grounded.  Some people who practice the healing modalities spend time in the meditative state. Our  practice encourages us to be connected to all that is and that may lead us to be much less connected to the earth.

I was discussing connection with nature and Reiki with a close relative and she wisely referred to an incident she experienced.  She was in a canoe, going with the flow down an quiet river, reveling in the blissfulness of the experience — Being one with nature and the heavens. Her state of being left her ungrounded and not ready for the rock in the river that tossed her out of the boat.  She said “This made me realize that we must start with a grounded strong foundation.”

Feel your feet connected to the earth and let the earth energy be welcomed as it moves through you to mesh with the energies from the heavens. Some say that it is the blending of the earth energy and the energy from the heavens that makes us human.

My relative and I explored how it feels to be grounded and came up with a few words: stable, confident, capable, practical, knowing, wise.  You may want to try the same little exercise and experience that sense of “having both feet planted on the ground”.  It feels good. Be in that place as you move into your meditation practice. Just notice.

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