Advanced and Master Reiki: What an inspiring weekend!

I have been asked if I would teach a Masters Level Reiki more than once.  But there was something that kept holding me back even though I was qualified and had taught the first two levels more than once.  I felt the yearning for more learning.  When I teach a Reiki class, I want it to be from a place of knowledge, skill and love.  My intention was strong.  I suppose that is what led me to check out the web site and see what possibilities might be reasonably priced.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. It is administered by laying on hands and can be learned by anyone.

Reiki has been a very positive experience for me. When you give a Reiki treatment, in fact you also receive one. I feel the energy coming through me to the recipient and the person receiving Reiki always felt relaxed, calm and with a more centered perspective.

I was delighted to learn that William Lee Rand teaches the Advanced and Reiki Master classes in Southfield Michigan, only about 5 hour drive from my home.  William is the creator of and from my perspective the most knowledgable person on Reiki at least in North America. Perfect.

The class was a small group of 10 people and we connected well. It may have been the combination of the group and the teacher, but I was able to trust that the process would be safe and fulfill my learning wants.  The meditations were profound.  My questions regarding the process, nature  and meaning of different aspects of Reiki were sufficiently satisfied.  I feel ready to teach all levels of Usui Reiki now.

I was particularly pleased with the way William was able to explain the meaning and use of different techniques so as to explain in understandable terms.  This gave me a way of teaching that would be grounded and from the heart. The sacredness of the Reiki experience was thus reinforced for me.

I offer Reiki to clients either in conjunction with some counselling, or on its own.  I am also enthusiastic about teaching more classes.  I will be setting up classes for all levels for the Fall.

Even the first level of Reiki gives you what you need to offer Reiki to others.  While you would be best to begin with family and friends, you may also wish to offer it to clients.  Before learning Reiki it is best to experience it one or two times yourself to know that it suits who you are.

Further levels of Reiki offer you more techniques and the ability to offer a more intense Reiki energy.  Some may wish to take the second level soon after the first. Others may prefer to practice with the first level and see if they want to learn more.  They may be happy with only the first level.

You will be hearing more about the classes over the next few weeks as I firm up times and locations.  I would be delighted to hear of your interest in learning Reiki and at what level.  Email me at or call me at 519 371 1255.   I will then be in touch with you to help find a time and date that may best serve all interested.

I hope you have a wonderful summer.  We have certainly had extreme weather in many locations.  Be safe, enjoy and I suppose we also need to be adaptable.

Till next time,


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