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I have had a few quiet moments over the last week.  Hiking in the woods, and kayaking on Georgian Bay give me stillness to tap into my creative spirit.  I would really like to hear your input on my thoughts for future blogs.  Your response to the following is going to be very helpful to me in making the blogs I write most meaningful to you.

Chakras: a framework for self discovery and self care

There is value in learning more about the Chakras.  I see them as a possible framework for looking at different aspects of all that we are.   I believe that this perspective serves not only those who work with energy, and believe in the concepts of the energy field and universal energy, but also those who can approach the concept of the chakras as a metaphor, and thus a framework for learning more about ourselves in a holistic way.

So my proposal is to begin with an overview of the chakras.  I could follow this with writing about each chakra individually beginning with the root chakra.  I expect that I could write 3 or 4 blogs on each.  They could include the different aspects of each chakra, the possible shadow side of each, and in some cases relationships with the other chakras.  I would include practical examples that would draw your attention to their effect on daily life and for self-care.  I would like to make it usable and not simply theoretical.  You could send me personal emails about each one if you wish, or ask questions that could be answered either personally and confidentially or anonymously in the next blog.

I am feeling excited about this approach.   It offers many opportunities to bring in a variety of different authors too.  What are your thoughts?  Would this appeal to you?

You can reply below or send me a personal email at marieknapp@rogers.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Short or long replies are welcome.

Other suggestions are welcome also.

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