What a great response! Chakras are in!

Thanks to so many of you who took the time to send me a response.  I am delighted with your enthusiasm about the topic.  I also love the diversity of responses.

To those of you who are well versed in the chakras and yet still expressed an interest in a review, a different perspective and continuing interest in the topic, I am honoured.  I hope you will consider responding to what I write, adding your own experiences and perspectives to share what you know too.

To those of you who are relatively new to the idea, I thank you for your inspiring enthusiasm.  I think you will find it rather fascinating.  In particular I hope it will give you the opportunity to explore the topic more.  Please feel free to ask questions.  There will be others besides me who will be able to answer.

To those who are particularly interested in the metaphor of the chakras, thank you.  There is so much we don’t know yet.  Metaphors help us explore our humanness and wholeness in more depth.  Besides, I can no more show you a chakra that I can show you what a feeling or an emotion looks like.  We only know feelings by expressions and words of another.  But they are not spots in the body.  You can not touch an emotion just as you cannot touch a chakra.  However, you can subjectively feel emotions and some can also feel energy and flow.  More metaphors.  There is so much to learn.

To those particularly interested in self-care, this is great.  Learning about the chakras, even metaphorically, gives us the opportunity to be more self-aware.  It can give us a personal self assessment, giving us information for self-care.  Oh and there is so much more….

I am going to work out a regular schedule for sending out information re the Chakras.  Possibly Tuesday or Wednesday mornings.  I will know soon.  I will also send out other information re events, like Reiki classes. But those will not be as frequent.

On that note, I have three people registered for the Reiki Level 1 Thursday evening class in September.  My maximum is 6.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Enjoy the rest of August that feels like September.

Till next time,


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